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04 January 2016

The Jester Is An Artist And Wiser Then May Appear.

The Jester Is An Artist And Wiser 

Then May Appear.

You know so many people in my life don't take me seriously or they think I am a ham, they don't realize that behind the wild videos, posts camp or anything one does is a man who has made history.

Yes, with my shows, behind the scenes and that I have helped to get two bills passed into law and much more.

There is a side of me that is more serious and demanding changes that affect lives that would not retreat if all seven billion plus human beings told me to give up.

Truth is I can't give up because so many people have done so way too many times.

As for me I may be looked at as a clown, weak or just not the guy you would want on your team.

One should remember that many of the people who made history, created fortunes, helped change minds, or nations were looked at as fools, unrealistic or who knows what. 

I do fine to stay in that company.

But when the word and actions I create affect your lives for the better in anyway do remember how and what was done to make it happen.

I have told many that I am a millionaire and they may laugh, then again they laughed at people like Carnegie when he told people he could make steel cheaper. 

They may laugh at and disrespect, discount you then again there may well be reasons for this.

No changes of the civil, human rights, standards of living, liberty ever comes without someone starting the movement. Bills and laws not created without ideas.

Some may dismiss my methods or consider me a lightweight it is well that they do for it is easier for a joker / jester to enter a kingdom and slowly work to see the king, queen change for the betterment of their or all nations than it would be for an army or an ambassador to attempt that change.

Do not close the mind to the ways of achievement, do not close your mind to those who would help many to help thyself and thy soul.

It shall always be that I will keep fighting for humanity and to see our abundance even when an entire world seems to be deaf to my thoughts.

If we give up we have failed already, if we never retreat we may not succeed, but we can say we have done our best, we can say we gave our all. 

Going 120 percent.

I made bold claims about many a past year, but never that I will be a millionaire.
Will it indeed happen?

Put it this way most of my predictions have been on target. I was the to first to predict 3.00 dollars gasoline, 4.00 dollars gasoline, the unexpected lowering of America's unemployment rate.

Our Surveillance Nation in 2008 yeah, before the big Snowden scandal.

All a matter of record on my episodes, podcasts or YouTube.

My methods seem odd maybe, but if I say to you go and look it up or invest in this. You would be wise to do so. 

To take said actions. For if you do this will be your most prosperous and profitable year to be followed by each year increasing in your abundance.

Be not mistaken I and you shall need to discover new skill sets to make this happen, to venture where we might be tempted to not go.

If we know not how to work certain software or must acquire knowledge and attempt what we never have attempted before it is going to need to be done.

Be not afraid of these new challenges for if you want a better abundant filled life you can't just wish for it you must do everything ethically, peacefully and legally to obtain it.

Let not one of the seven billion plus souls stop you from claiming your abundance this year.

I put the world on notice with this post on and this now on FaceBook and or Twitter.

Consider this notification of said mission. For when I, we amass one 
million dollars and above the world will take us seriously, better than that we can save the lives of those we love.

We may help a sick loved one human or animal. We may donate to a civil liberties fund, a soup kitchen or fund education for those who don't have access.

Yes, it is true that money is not everything, but in a world where money is the difference of life and death those who amass more can survive better and can help more.
Albert Torcaso

My advice get to this site join for free test it out if you like it work it and thrive if you don't you have lost nothing as it is free.

I am a talk show host as well. Wednesday's 12:00 pm Est Time. 

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