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03 January 2016

Walking The Path

Walking The Path

Years ago when I was a child I was told I could never fight due to my medical condition which lead me to being abused in each school I was in. 

To me being placed into a youth home which lead to more abuse in different forms.

This could be one of those stories that is sad and truth be told another post of the future may tell that aspect of the event.

This one will recall many days and almost two years of the same event
You see I wanted to return home at each point and placement my prayers were to return home and when I lived at the last place there just happened to be a sidewalk that went I guess about  a quarter mile maybe even more than that.

Each day on the way to getting to the stop for the bus I walked this sidewalk that as it happens also had a pavilion and an old cemetery. 

I would walk that path each day praying to go home and though I did not know it would visualize myself going home or exiting the bus going home,

In some way every day I saw myself at home or at least back in my hometown.

Though one had no idea then I had visualized everyday even while fully awake and walking.
I had no idea then, but I was visualizing or seeing reality the future before my very eyes even while awake.

One had been walking the path literally, spiritually and figuratively. 

This means I saw a future reality or the future which means that we can in fact create our own future.

Yes we really can speak words and reality into being.

Many will bulk religions and their books supposedly written or composed with the thoughts and word of The Lord Thy God.

I believe in The Lord Thy God, and believe that some of all religious books, scrolls have it correct, but none have all the words of The Lord Thy God.

I believe in The Lord Thy God and I love 
The Lord Thy God
 I should have known back then that visualization was.
 ,possible and can even become a daily routine.

This brings us to today I now see myself a millionaire though not in any one place,home  yet, not even which vehicles one owns.

This I do know though that if we can visualize something at any point in life we can learn to do so, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly.

Try this practice get in a quiet place and visualize something, 
Some place, or someone you want to be with.Do it each day until you start to succeed.

Then start visualizing success in a business, yours, mine and our business partners.

Start to pray and visualize it's going to start changing many things the world over so, 

keep looking for new posts each day on any and all topics.

You know we already succeeded, it's just that we have not physically reached that point in the timeline yet.

Make Money Now.

 Start that new business and work to ensure that your future will be even more amazing than you ever expected.

If we can recall commercials, and nonsense we can change our minds and overcome every obstacle.

Have faith or patience. 

Walk the path, follow the footsteps of The Lord Thy God.
Albert Torcaso

I am a talk show host as well. Wednesday's 12:00 pm Est Time.

Comcast 21 Pittsburgh PA,

Fios 47 Pittsburgh, PA

I want you to earn income at home.

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