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28 February 2016

America's Signal To Hating The Very People Who Makes Us Strong!

America's Signal To Hating The Very People Who Makes Us Strong!

A Donald Trump victory will signal America's regression into a hate based nation and one that no longer is nor can be a brave or free nation.

It will show FEAR, it will show AMERICANS wiliness to attack segments of society due to their own FEARS.

The fact that @RealDonalTrump #DonaldTrump #DonaldTrump#
#The Donald @TheDonald

Is still leading the polls for the republicans shows that many of our fellow Americans are consumed with fear and hatred.

While one could do a huge post on this matter I will focus on love and compassion.

I Love Muslims.
I Love Jews.
I Love Heterosexuals.
I Love Homosexuals.
I Love Black Americans and people who's skin is brown, black or any color. I love them be they from America or any place on earth.
I Love Gang Members I hate their actions and crimes, but I Love Them.
I Love Women.
I Love Veterans.
I Love Disabled Americans.
I Love Illegal as well as Legal Immigrates.

I Love all seven billion plus human souls on earth.

I will defend my family, home, city, state and nation.

I will see crimes be punished, and Protect America at all cost even if my life be taken.

I would never deny The Lord Thy God,
Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit even if killed by Satan.

You see unlike those who would speak of hatred like Donald Trump unlike him and others.

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