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19 February 2016

An Unexpected Act Of Kindness Yesterday

An Act Of Kindness Yesterday

I have to tell you about what happened on Thursday Night 2-18-2016.

We had taken my sister Diane home and then went to grab Annette a sandwich at a local shop. 

Then I realized that we had forgot to get my food from the store that was to be my meal.

Well, Annette went to the store and bought the items and as she was waiting in line to pay with the money in hand a young woman said to the cashier put her bill on my tab.

Wow! Now that is a great Act Of Kindness so Annette comes back to the vehicle and I was on my phone with another very kind young man so I'm like not really paying attention, but she starts to hand me my money back.

I'm like what happened? I thought she had not been able to get my food being that it was a special sale.

She said no, I got your food some lady paid for it.

WOW! I sure wish we knew who this person was or somehow she would find out just how thankful we are.

I found these pictures online and the act of kindness that Annette had today as well as these depicted in the photographs inspire me in my days of doubt or lack of belief that one will see the day where Humanity treats all people and animals as family.

These acts show the greatness that our creator has instilled in us if we  would just hear, feel, see and live it. 

And if we would have faith.

My next post will be about a technical support woman who works for Microsoft Windows  support 

I will say her name is Sar to keep her from any issues that Microsoft may cause her if they were to read this.

Sar had done a great job and I hope that she will know that I am very grateful for her help.

We could not solve the issue as of yet, but we have learned what will not work so though I still have an issue with that computer we did have a success Sar, we indeed had a success.

Let us be kind to all people.

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