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28 February 2016

Can You Figure Out Truth From Fiction?

Things predicted in this series in other episodes really did happen including the lowering of unemployment and other things.

Watch all the episodes.

C19 Cloned Albert

Cloned Albert explains a series of amazing revelations that if proven to be true now or in the future. 

It will change all of humanity, as we have known it and it will in a sense be a telling of what is to become of our future. 

What is profoundly apparent is that we, as a race, not only survive, but become so spiritually evolved and a loving race that we embrace the truth of a higher power and that all life matters and we co exist with many different beings that even our scientists have not yet discovered or interacted with yet. 

Be prepared to have your mind blown away in this mini series of the series Cloned Albert and be ready for anything and everything!

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