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17 February 2016

The Roadblocks Will Not Be Tolerated. I Do It My Way!

The Roadblocks Will Not Be Tolerated. I Do It My Way!

Order this second and save hundreds or thousands of dollars!

With all due respect to each of you my friends, the time for Roadblocks in our lives has long since ended. 

That being said each of you know how much I care about you, your success and prosperity.
And that won't ever change, but it seems that there are ninety eight percent of the earth's people who through lack of interest, fear, need of the pitiful of money they receive from their jobs or just lack of encouragement they don't want to start or run a business be it a business of any kind.

Here is the truth, starting any business or distributorship means you may well go into debt and fail.
I say this to you go boldly into this risk for without risk there shall be no abundance, there shall be no time or financial freedom.

I have been in a few businesses and FAILED BIG TIME!

And when I had the chance to join
Motor Club Of America 
and NXR Global Home of the 

VS2 Media Center 

I almost ran to the nearest web site to sign up!

Oh' you read that correctly having failed before and using way too much money with no return I ran to sign up for these two businesses.

Why you ask? Well, because if you study business, history of our great nation (s) our governments and the wealthiest people of any time and even right now 

Feb-17-2016 you'll learn many in fact most failed many times or at least a few before astounding success.

Example: Donald Trump is running for President Of 
The United States Of America and many know he amassed a personal wealth of nine billion dollars.

Donald Trump also has had three or more corporate bankruptcies. Yes, he failed many times.

You see it is not the failing of a business or a career goal or failure of anything that matters my friends it is that you must try and never stop trying.

98% Of Americans and many the world over never try, never walk that first step.

I will one day be a millionaire many times over that I am certain of because though I may fail or fall a few more times or a million more I shall never stop working to create the financial freedom, time freedom and ability to live life on my terms, Yeah, My Way

My Way just like the song Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and others have sung.

I have earned money in Motor Club America and in VstreamTV in fact both have saved me money even while earning it. 

The river of success is starting to flow for me every day.

As I said I live life My Way, that said 

The Roadblocks Will Not Be Tolerated.

What do I mean? This is what I mean by said statement.

If I have a broken computer, car, pen, lack of funding for that day, week, or month, if it is freezing outside and has snow and ice or a hundred degrees 

I will not be stopped from succeeding in my mission.

If I call a hundred network marketers and all one hundred said f off brother. 

I will not be stopped!

If I get extremely depressed I will not be stopped!

If my body or mind is tired that day I will not be stopped!

If every person who has ever tuned in to Humanity Matters Live, Humanity Matters Podcast or here at Humanity Matters Dot Org abandon me.

Still I will not be stopped!

If I quit my shows, and businesses I will never really quit because I know that we shall succeed greatly and because of this 

I will not be stopped!

These testimonials I will share with you.

It is easy to write words that claim you will not be stopped or any words, but oh to have lived them and still living them it does something for the soul.

Yes I can say I will not be stopped!

Because this day is Wednesday 2-17-2016 and I am not being stopped!

Today my missions were not pretty or easy. 

Here I shall list them.

Mission Find out why internet speed is extremely slow. Completed.

Mission Why external hard drive is not working. Completed.

Mission What are the dates of the MonsterBash convention and how much is the fee to be a vendor. Completed.

Mission Print out coupons from my VstreamTV Pro Perks site to receive discounts on food and other items. Completed.

Mission upload two videos today 2-17-2016. Completed.

Mission create two posts for Humanity Matters Dot Org Completed.

All missions and a few more were completed this very day February 17th 2016.

I will not be stopped!

You may say okay, but what's the big deal?

My car is down and can't be used without a bit of risk.

My computer freezes up and takes hours to complete tasks and as a result I had to adapt and overcome.

In the freezing cold, with ice and snow I left my warm house with Annette to wait on a bus for 20 minutes.

Went to a local place where one had access to a computer and finished many of the day's missions.

Then now even colder we waited about an hour freezing for a bus to come.

When I returned home I made no time be wasted to get warm. 

I went to the computer completing additional missions.

This is the point I will not be stopped!

Not by people, machines, lack of funding, too much funding, fear, family members who doubt, friends, fans or a trillion other reasons.

I will not be stopped! 

Because to stop means to really fail and that I shall never do.

I will get out of my own way when need be. 

If I get down and or depressed I will seek help. 

When one needs more training one will seek it.

It matters not what it ethically, legally, peacefully, physically or mentally takes I will make it happen because my family, friends, humanity, and all life matters.

That said, with all due respect to any and all people of the earth if you will not join my businesses or create a business of your own or another way to create health, wealth, prosperity and happiness for yourself and your family.

I am sad to see you not take the actions needed for success, but I shall and I shall succeed. 

I urge you make the mindset changes get bold open a business, franchise or join our company for it will be the start of a future of prosperity.

The cost to join VstreamTV as a member is free. 

To join as a pro member is 68.50 a month with over three hundred thousand discounts for you.

Best of all you will earn 200.00 each time a customer buys a VS2 Media Center from your own customer site.

Take action to be among the two percent of this earth that become financially free. 

Because with all due respect with or without you deciding to become free and helping others do the same

I am doing it and living it this very second.



JOIN Now and start the road to succeed and have

You need to visit these sites and you must take action today so that very soon you will have more income in your pocket. 

These links I post can change your life when you're ready to make it happen. Get there get moving and get more money in your hands. 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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