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22 February 2016

You May Not Believe In God Do.You Not Believe? Watch Consider.

Non believers I get it religions of the world make 
The Lord Thy God 

sound very mean and to be honest like A Mafia Boss!

Just like in the Godfather films and in real life Mafia families!

Just like most mafia's, mobsters ganstras, drug lords and dictators!

But The Lord Thy God is filled with forgiveness and I don't believe

 The Lord Thy God 
blood someone or many dead in order to forgive or sins.

I do believe in Jesus and him as our savior, but feel we have never been told the true reason God The Father sent him here.

Tune into this series and maybe a new prospective will appear and Ye Shall Come Or Come Back To The Lord Thy God.

In this new series I pose Why Not God?

Why do believers of any faith need to remain quiet?

I say speak the truth in the face of evil.

Fear not the actions of humanity, nor shall we fear any God.

If there be a God.

There is a living God.

If there be a God, God is a God Of Love.

Believe not the books of God, believe in God!

It is with the thoughts and deeds of 
The Lord Thy God 

If we read the old testament it make Father God sound this guy cross me and I will have you killed!

The Lord Thy God 
would never do that 

The Lord Thy God Loves us. 

in having saved humanity by bringing his only begotten son that humanity is saved.

I do believe in Jesus Christ.

Jesus The Christ.

I believe also that God the father has sent Jesus  many times in many forms as well as many faith.

Man, woman nor child shall pit one's faith against the other be they Jew, Muslim, Seek, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or any known faith of this earth.


Shout out I love all of God's children and mean it!



Here is an astounding secret for those who dare to look.

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