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04 March 2016

We Own It They Don't It Or Us!

We Own It They Don't It Or Us!

No Secrets here this is about Our Great Nation Having Been Taken from us.

Are We To Forever Let Special Interest Of All 

Sides Render The American People Voiceless?


Congressional Switchboard.

If you want a better first stat ethically, legally demand the change and vote Nov-8-2016

Are You A Patriot? Ever Sung God Bless America or watched firework on the 4th Of July?

Then You're My Kind Of American!

Strong, proud, honest and hard working.

Time all members of DC Democrats and Republicans start remembering that.

Legally, ethically, peacefully bring back America's greatest The Will Of The People!

Government Of' By And For The People Shall Not Perish from the Face of the earth!

1-202-456-1111 White House comment line.

1-202-224-3121 Congressional switchboard.

Patriotic Americans take back our great nation legally and demand that American's have civil rights, great paying employment be it with an employer or self employed.

Bring back our true freedom.  

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly. 

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