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26 April 2016

1.00 Dollar Can Save Two Lives! Help Us Reach 12,000 Thousand People.

1.00 Dollar Can Save Two Lives! Help Us Reach 12,000 Thousand People

Lashona Moon 


Precious Pumpkin.

Needs Your Help. Lashona Moon has Cancer Severely in her mouth on her tongue in at least two places. 
She needs treatment at once.

That may cost thousands of dollars.

They thought at first that Precious Pumpkin also had Cancer, but no one knows for sure again, we need additional funding to conduct further tests.

We have amassed a 910.00 dollars bill however, the donations we ask of you is for raising money for their treatments. 

We are paying the 910.00 dollars in payments.

We ask that you would donate at least one dollar 1.00 and ask every person that you know to also donate.

Please share all the places you visit online we need a miracle and need it now. 

You can save lives just from donating a dollar. 

Help us to reach at least 12,000 people to ensure that we have the funding for their treatment.

After treatment if there are any funds left they would go to help other animals in need. 

We hope that you would agree that saving lives matter.

Help us save our babies please.

We have lost many animals over the last twenty years because we could have them checked out and diagnosed however the treatment costs have been out of reach. 

Now With Crowd funding and your help 
We Can Defeat This Cancer and 

Please do help our cats. 

We have drawn the line.

Will you use at least one dollar to save the lives of two wonderful cats?

They are young help us save them please.

Albert Torcaso

Call me 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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