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17 April 2016

Are You A Bad Ass? We'll See

Are You A Bad Ass? We'll See

Look, real Bad Asses will watch every second of this video and they will go to this web site and sign up right now.

If you don't watch this or sign up you're not really a Bad Ass at all you're just a poser.

I make no bones about it I am looking for people who want better than a job. That keeps them just over broke.

I am looking for people who are tired of going to a store and not being able to buy what they need or want without being worried about other bills or a lack of cash flow.

I want a bunch of Bad Ass leaders who see something they don't know how to do and say. 

I will figure it out. I am a Bad Ass I kick the Asses of Road Blocks and Obstacles!

I want people who will start from 0.00 dollars and cents learn the programs, business, methods and then go out and do the work even when they get no, no, no, and damn it NO! In their face and they will keep going until they start hearing.

Yes, Yes, Yes. I want people who will read the books, watch the videos and do every possible ethical, legal thing they can to have their network marketing business succeed.

That's why we need to be  A BAD ASS!

Look, network marketing is hard if you don't have the correct training so you and I are going to have that training.

We are going to learn from the best who had the same HUGE  ROAD BLOCKS AND REJECTIONS WE HAD OR WILL HAVE.

SO WHAT IF WE ARE REJECTED! We have all been rejected in life many, many times and yet we live, and yet we have succeeded at least on some levels.

You wanted that man or woman as your girlfriend and or wife or man as your boyfriend or husband and of all the 7 Billion plus people on earth they did choose you.

YOU WON! You sold them on you!

That makes you a salesperson!

You earned your way into a college YOU WON You sold them on You!
That makes you a salesperson! 

You posted on social media or other media sites speaking about things, people or places you like and you advised them to go or get something and they did.

You Won!

That makes you a salesperson!

Well, friends, that's what network marketing is in a larger sense.

This is just like you telling Susan to go to that cool shoe store and get a pair of those shoes. 

Or saying you like Superman Vs Batman and telling people to see it or giving it or something a great review. In affect you did the marketing for them the only thing is they never gave you a commission.

Note: I watched Superman Vs Batman Dawn Of Justice Free in my own home on my Video Streaming Media Device.

Network marketing is you do the same thing, but when someone buys the products or services you get a commission.

Yes, the same exact thing like when you sold a person on seeing Superman Vs Batman, but the producers, writers, actors, theaters, restaurants, gas stations you or the people you sold on seeing the movie never paid you a commission.

Example: You join now and sell someone on buying the VS2 Media Center and you have your own web site with VstreamTV and they buy the VS2 Media Center you earn a commission.

Advise someone to see Superman Vs Batman they go to see the movie and you get 0.00 dollars and cents for telling someone to go.

Advise someone to buy a VS2 Media Center they help give people Free Cable, Free TV, Free Movies, Free PPV and they buy you can earn up to 200.00 each time. Two Hundred Dollars and Zero Cents.

Be a Bad Ass Join a network marketing and start being paid for the work you already do.

Be paid for advising people what to buy and you my friends can get rich if you do it enough times.

I am looking for a BAD ASS!

Buy a VS2 Media Center and never pay for PPV Pay Per View Again.

Get here and get your future success moving.

Then contact me here and we will get you signed up and on your road to winning.

You need to visit these sites and you must take action today so that very soon you will have more income in your pocket. 

These links I post can change your life when you're ready to make it happen. Get there get moving and get more money in your hands. 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly. 

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