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29 April 2016

Our Cat Lashona Moon Torcaso's Cancer Is Bad Help Please

Lashona Moon Has Cancer Help Update  4 28 2016

We ask for your prayers on a massive scale.

It may not seem like it, but she is regressing and time is running out.


Help please.

Look, I never asked for donations for anything we were the people donating.

Now we need help for our babies.

Cat lovers.
Animal Lovers I implore you to pray for them.
Lashona Moon Torcaso  and Precious Pumpkin Torcaso

Truth is we are doing everything we can ethically and legal to obtain the funding to save our children.

Help right now.

A dollar or ore from you, prayers and you spreading the word may save their lives.

Be our heroes!

Albert Torcaso

910.00 dollar bill and they still can't get the treatments they need. Help.

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