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18 April 2016

My Cats Need Help I Have A 900.00 Dollars Bill, But They Need More Help. Can you Help?

My Cats Need Help I Have A 900.00 

Dollars Bill, But They Need More 

Help. Can you Help?

I Have Two Cats they may expire from cancer since my cash flow does not have enough funding for their treatments it would total six thousand dollars. 

I am asking for Prayers for my cats 

Lashona Moon

Lashona Moon on video


Precious Pumpkin.

And if anyone know how to use Kickstarter or any crowd funding service please help their lives are at risk.

Note: I have already amassed a 900 hundred dollar bill and no

longer have anymore funding for additional treatments.

I ask for help and for prayers.



If possible please help. In all cases please pray for my beloved babies.

Albert Torcaso

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