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20 April 2016

No Time For Lies!

No Time For Lies!

If I Be Lying I'd Be Crying!

For people who have doubted me and my claims of being a talk show host, actor or any claims understand I speak truth and you should start knowing I am in this game for all of us.

Go here. 12:00 pm

Each Wednesday or you still doubt just call and ask.


On the Humanity Matters Live Set With Famed

Doctor Cyril H. Wecht

9:00 am to 5:00 pm Est ask any staff member and see what you learn.

Nocturnal Web Series Alfonso Cristillo was my role.

Truth shall be told.

Now, listen to my advice and we shall prosper.
I Albert Torcaso, Am Who I claim to be.

Go now and start your business. 

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Call me. 


Yes It Is Really True!
Get one.

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