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19 April 2016

Save Our Cats Help Them Beat Cancer.

Pumpkin And Lashona Moon Need Cancer 

Treatment Or They Will Die.

Please Help Before It's Too Late.

Save Our Cats Help Them Beat Cancer.

Donate now to save them.

1.00 Dollar Donations May Save Our Cats Lives

I went through the donation process and they You Caring will only accept a dollar or more donations. 

They also ask for a dollar donation to their site I have nothing to do with that you may be able to change donation amounts and void the site donation, I sent them a ticket.

Would you please make the 1 or 2 dollars donation so that I can fight to save Their lives.

Questions? 412-559-2731 I now have where you can donate to save their lives.

Please help us. 1.00 dollar donations or more can help them live.

Cat lovers , animal lovers, friend, fans and all who care I need your help to save my cats lives my two cats  Precious Pumpkin and Lashona Moon have cancer and Annette and I have already amassed a nearly 900.00 dollars bill that we will be paying off over time.

We need your help to pay for the 

cancer treatment.

Can you please 

donate 1.00 to the crowd funding 

fund that can save their lives? 

A dollar  from 12,000 thousand people would help them and other cats and dogs. Let's do this please.

Albert Torcaso

Precious Pumpkin and Lashona Moon Torcaso our cats both have cancer and even tough I and Annette have a nearly 900.00 bill that does not do even one bit of treatment or medicine to save their lives.

I am asking people to donate .60 cents or more so that with hope and compassion we will raise the funds and save their lives.

Here is a video of Lashona Moon Torcaso
Lashona Moon

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