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21 April 2016

She Told Me No, I Called The White House, Yes, That One In DC!

Thank you The Lord Thy God for this blessing.

She Told Me No, I Called The White House, Yes, That One In DC!

I had a good day in spite of periods of extreme lower back P! I won't speak the word into being. But three more letters complete the word.

We had step out to an appointment, but the office lights and pc's were out so off 

We go to another appointment. Arrive have the task completed then the other place has lights back on. Across town again.

Round two done! After that another appointment in yet another section of Pittsburgh. Some additional good news it seems.

Then off to film yet more videos even with P.

Then sister Diane calls and says former President Bill Clinton was in Pittsburgh, PA.

Having had a full day and not having contacted Hillary's headquarters's 
I figured there is not much change of getting press credentials, but Bill is one of my favorite leaders.

So, even in stress had to try. Worked on calling headquarters just voice mail.

Was going to head to the Pittsburgh office, but by that time it was five pm. Did a U turn. (legally) I called WTAE'S Newsroom and the person gave me the event location thanks!

I go over there thinking no way I am getting in. I walk into the check in show My id, my card showing my face and production company. 

This woman says you can't come in it's a private meeting. I again explain I am press. She turned us AWAY!

Meanwhile all the local news media television, radio, print, photographers the works.

All press people in the event yet she disrespected me and Annette!

BIG MISTAKE! Remember, I have extreme P. a long hard day and would have been fine with not being accepted due to not having applied for press credentials in time.

Had Secret Service turned us away due to security concerns I am fine with that And truth be told would have been able to head home and rest.

However, being turned away by this woman and disrespected by this woman acting as if I am not media. No way that was going down!

We have been on live television more than eight years live at six like Mainstream news.

Now, it was a battle for respect! What did I do?

I called the White House got a person on the line and I do think each of you Would agree I have a loud mouth! 

Well, I was on the phone with a White House Staff person who because of not Allowing any chance of conflict they could not Help me at all.

Well, no more options she had won right? No! Next thing I know this man comes outside and asks me a series of questions and well.

You see what happened! Yes, I am Annette made history in our lives yesterday April 20th 2016.

I had covered Senators Barack Obama and Senator Hillary R. Clinton, but they were campaigning for President at that time.

This was one of America's most prosperous Presidents who left a trillion dollars surplus in our Treasury when he left office.

This was an eight year former President.

Now, are you wondering how I won this battle? Truth is I was outside this man who came to me was no where around.

My thoughts are someone from The White House found a way to mention my name, or my loud mouth was over heard from someone because I was sitting outside and not even trying to hide my conversation.

I was to ticked off I guess. This much I will say somehow, someone heard that I was on the phone with the White House or maybe someone else knew who I was.

Who knows? This is a result.

Yes, the work was even harder on my back. Worse my tripod place holder broke yesterday that is why I shook so much. I had to hold it the entire time. And my battery drained.

Still we overcame it all and Humanity Matters News, Albert Torcaso, Annette Made history.

This I say to each of you. With hope and no willingness to accept defeat.


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