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26 April 2016

This Is A Real S.O. S.

This Is A Real S.O. S.

 People Say 

The Lord Thy God 

Is Not Real!

They Say That Lucifer, Satan, The Devil Is a joke. Tell It To The Mirror On Our Car! 

It Exploded! And It Was Not Bumped, Not Cold, Not Hot.


No pot holes, no traffic. Not a single reason for what happened to have happened.

Explain this People Of Science I Want You To Explain It.

I Am Not Debating you. In fact we need your help and those in the Religious Community as well as Psychics, Mediums and together maybe we can solve the mystery of how this mirror exploded. We need help.

Psychic Communities, Paranormal Communities, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Investigators we want answers.

This was Strange And Deadly.

We need your help.


24 / 7 /365

Many more strange things have happened over the last twenty four years including more than twenty ,deaths in my house!

Including my mother dying of Cancer,

Yes she smoked for 49 years.

Then quit for about 15 years.

However, she had been going to the doctor and had clean blood tests, X-rays and all that stuff. 

Her doctors said she was healthy and the evidence (tests) did as well.

One day she gets sick and we go to the ER two months later she's dead!

Over the years I lost twenty animals bringing the number of deaths to 21 twenty one at present.

Keep in mind I have had animals since age five years old.

In a 24 year period. Odd deaths and all the strange stuff.

Truth is now I want Clergy, Priests, Minsters, Scientists Paranormal 



Anyone who ever cared about Annette Mendel  or  Albert Torcaso (Me) To Help Us Find Out What Is Going On.

As of this second in time we don't yet possess the funding to pay any of the Scientists, Psychics, Mediums, Paranormal Investigators, Priests, Ministers, Rabbis or any person.

Of faith who may be willing to help

However we do have our television and podcast series.

Humanity Matters Live Airing On 


Shot live At The PCTV21 Studio

Then airs on

Wednesday 12:00 pm Est Time.

And my podcast series an audio only podcast that you can call in worldwide and even advertise on.

Humanity Matters Podcast

Humanity Matters Live is on Public Access so no advertising allowed.

Humanity Matters Live Airs on.

Comcast Cable Channel 21 In Pittsburgh, PA

Verizon Fios Channel 47 In Pittsburgh, PA

And some suburbs around Pittsburgh, PA.

At present we shoot it live the first Tuesday of each month that may change in July

I will update you of changes.

In return for any and all help we could create a television and or podcast series

to promote you and your craft and or businesses and once we go national which

Will happen soon.

We will have you many times as guests this will in all likely hood increase profitability your
businesses in many ways.

I know our break in both my media businesses as well as my network marketing businesses is coming and in truth I think that is why the mirror attack happened today!

Why? I made personal history today and will be having a professional resume created as well as a professional demo reel

This will lead to a local or national talk show series.

And allow me to help many thousands of lives.

I took massive action and evil or whatever, whomever it is does not like it at all!


It is happening and we need your prayers from people of all faiths. 

We need a massive prayer chain!

However, I have had what I thought was the worst depression of my life over the past year three times and for a month to six months at one point.

I finally sought help for the first time in my life. I thought I needed Mental Help Treatment.

Get this the therapist said what one has described does not seem to be depression.

What is it then?

Again, we need help!

If you will pray and or help me get the help we need maybe we can find out what the heck happened today to my car and what has been going on.

Thanks please pray and if you could part with a 1.00 or more donation.
You can help us save Lashona Moon And Precious Pumpkin's lives if it;s not too late.

Lashona's cancers look real bad.
Help for Goodness Sake Help.

Truth is friends I feel We Are At WAR with some evil force.

I know how that sounds, but trust me other crazy things happened.

I have had some of what I thought was depression, but every doctor I have seen said It is not that.

We need your prayers of all faiths. Help us please.

And I am also getting real close to getting my big break on TV and in my network marketing businesses.

Truth is I feel something or someone knows this and is trying to stop me.

Detectives, Scientists, Paranormal Investigators, People Of Faith, Psychics, Mediums.

Anyone who cares this is a real S.O.S. Something is deadly wrong! Help us.

As for my businesses if we survive this I know for certain we will be wealthy in a year or two.

And we will have done it by helping any and everyone who launches their business with us.

Now, they will have to train and apply what we teach, get the tools we suggest.

Do the work And be strong enough to never quit no matter what goes down.

Because of increasing success of ours One believes that it may be that some Corporations somehow or the Paranormal know of this and the attacks are increasing now they have become more deadly. Help!!!

Precious Pumpkin Torcaso and Lashona Moon Torcaso were healthy just a few months ago now Lashona Moon Torcaso has two different cancers on her tongue!

They don't really know if Precious Pumpkin Torcaso has cancer or not and they want another 300.00 dollars just to check.

We have a 910.00 bill already with them so we have to be helpless to help our children again?

No way! I have drawn the line!

I have declared WAR on EVIL or whatever is going on.

Pray for us and have every person you know on this planet Pray For Us As Well. Ask each person you know to do the same as well.

We need thousands or maybe millions of people PrayingI mean everyone that you or others can think of we need Massive Prayers as well as Massive Help!

Look, I know this sounds crazy, but trust me I did not even tell you ten % of what has gone on in twenty four years since we lived in this house.

I do think something chemical or paranormal is wrong with this house. It is not normal to have as many as five deaths a year in a house.

Each year we have at least two or more deaths here. Is Annette's and my life at risk?

You better believe it we are that is just one reason I am doing the network marketing businesses.

And making my show become a paid career.
As for the products, services, we are marketing trust me on this they really are very good.

I downplay that stuff a bit. 

The VS2 Media Center does what it claims.

Not trying to market. Just know this, of everything I have tried including those eBay items.

So far the VstreamTV company is the only one that we have earned a few commissions. 

Not enough yet, but that's due to my computer and phone tech issues. 

Oddly enough I have had strange tech issues with my machines PC'S 2, Laptops 2 and my smartphone.

With regard to working our businesses.

We hope someone who reads this LONG MESSAGE AND POST! Will help us find out what went on with our car and why our home seems to be the HOUSE OF DEATH!

We will put every cent on our babies (Cats) even if we were to go hungry, but another 300.00 dollars won't happen until more You Caring Funding comes in my eBay products sell.

We get more network marketers or customers in our 
drivers protection / roadside assistance

Or NXR Global, VstreamTV company happens.

Of my two network marketing businesses if you want to launch a business and have all the training as well as tools I would say NXR Global beats Motor Club America on that front.

Though the Motor Club America services including their free legal consultations

Driver's and roadside protections deliver as promised. 

Needed them about six times for the roadside issue and twice for legal questions. Above board.

Being a talk show host is an honor, being a network marketer is the same, but lets me personally help people work hard and get free from dead end careers, jobs, and they own their time not some boss or corporation.

Yeah, evil or whatever this is may have blown up our mirror, but instead of stopping me. It has made me even more determined to WIN THIS WAR!

We will have our show go national.

We will bring awareness on a national level to the plight of almost one billion children Worldwide living in that P- Word.

Having little or nothing.

To issues of hunger in America more than 40 million Americans go hungry daily, weekly or monthly.

Homeless Americans, Homeless Veterans.

A great day for us all of us is coming and that is why I believe we were attacked. 

Help us solve this issue.

Help us fight this battle, be it by worldwide prayers which we need so share this message with the world please,

Send it to all as we need the help.

Help Annette, Pumpkin, Lashona me and  my family hang on and we will see an amazing change in

Our lives. Believe it. 

This is Going To Come To Pass If Annette And I Can Survive It..

With what went on with our car we really don't know how it happened and I see no logical reason or scientific explanation for it.

Help us and in the end help us to help you and many others.


The videos will be there for all to see by this Friday 4-29-2016.

Hey, go 
Vote Tuesday 4-26-2016 

if you live in the states that vote on Tuesday. 

America and the World needs your help.

Precious Pumpkin Torcaso's life may be in danger they don't know if her infection or whatever it happens to be is cancer or not.

They do know Lashona Moon Torcaso's has at least two or more cancerous tumors in her mouth and who know where else.

If possible help by donating 1 or more dollars. 

If not possible I do understand having cash flow problems.

Can you please copy the link and send it to people who may be able to help Save a life with a 1.00 donation? 

Most importantly help us to find out what went on today with that mirror exploding and with what happened to our entire family for over twenty four years now.

For the record as soon as my show goes national and or my Streaming or other businesses grow to even more success.

We will be getting out of this house.

We will be moving on out!

Know this be we receive any help on anything or be we not hear a word.


Would like to live to 110 or more years I love life.

But I won't cower to Evil or whatever this is.

We Love Life And My Life 

Is For God, About God 

And helping people and animals.

I will have my Victory! Victory Is Mine!

To get what you want you need to help the most people and if you help enough people get what they want you'll get what you want and more.

I am never going to stop helping people so 



Victory Is ours.

Help and thanks in advance!

Albert Torcaso

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I, Albert Torcaso, want to help you succeed.

Call me and let's see money in your pocket once you learn and apply your new found skill sets. 

Do the work and earn the cash.

You must do the work and make it happen I can't do it for you.

You will have the training you need free! Yes, free training. 

Now launch today.

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