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17 April 2016

You Are Worth The Risk!

You Are Worth The Risk!

I may be Risking My Soul in order to care for all humanity and believe they can be in paradise.

Many say and think that The Lord Thy God is a myth, fairy tale or no way to prove that God Is Real.

There are ways to prove it, but my point is this what if all who say God is not real are wrong?

Do you really want to risk Your Immortal Soul? If God is not real do any of us even have a Soul?

If you answered no then explain how it is that science now claims that there is something in us even after death and some say they have detected the soul.

Now, if the Soul is real how did it get in us? If the universe was made randomly how then do you explain the Soul
The truth is my friends that there really is a God. Yes, a God who created everything and even every universe, dimension.

As for the magic man in the sky sure it does seem that way to some and to others they think it just silly, but I say unto you that 
The Lord Thy God is real as was and is 

The Lord Jesus Christ.

But they can live in you through the spirit in you as well and one day you will see them in person, but in when you are in spirit. Yes, there is a God.

Please do listen.

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