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15 April 2016

Your Disbelief Is Costing You Enjoyment And Money.

Your Disbelief Is Costing You 

Enjoyment And Money.

You know I have to be honest with you I had my doubts about the streaming industry as well as many of you may have, but I had faith in my partners, mentors, and the company so I kept listening and finally about I guess eight months ago I bought my own streaming device.

Well, as it turned out more than 96% of what they said these devices can do I have done daily.

Why did I say your disbelief is costing you money? 

Well, it is on many fronts and below I won't try to sell you on what these devices can do for you, rather I will tell you what they do for everyone who owns one of them including me.

First to the matter of cutting your cable or satellite bill that is 100% true

You buy the device and in the case of the Vs2 Media Center found here.

You set it up at home and yes we have web sites with texts and videos on how to set it up as well as live tech support during the day and even a forum as well as a tips site for customers and members.

You setup your device and you will see that your device has add ons pre-installed  as well as a section that says get more or get more addons. 

You select the add on that you want to view content such as movies and or live TV as well as live sports, pay per view, series and shows. Now there are tens of thousands of addons that you can get.

You can download them, learn about them from YouTube and other internet sites.

You can learn how to add on what is called repos, and even wizards, you can find out about IPTV which is even more live tv.

Most of these devices use Kodi,14.2  15, or 16.0 I think is the newest one.

You can buy a device and much less expensive than our VS2 Media Center in fact you can learn how to create your own device for about 100 dollars. And you can still do most of what our device does.

But there are major differences from our device than almost any other on the market. First ours you can say is the Rolls Royce of media devices. 

Ours has the top addons and repos pre-installed. Ours has an automatic updater that updates your addons so you don't end up stuck or not able to watch what you want to watch.

We also have a built in HD Camera, Microphone so that all of your Skye or video conferencing, video creating, audio e-mail creating needs are met from the 

You in affect have a streaming media center and a second internet, semi computer right through your television. 

And you have tech support so that when you get confused or something does not work right you can get help and fast.

We protect your device with a warranty for a year and we even have financing for you if needed so yeah the VS2 is a smart buy as well as one that will save you thousands of dollars.

Real World Truth
I have have a device like this not yet my own VS2 Media Center as I have been overcoming a cash flow problem, but by May 2016 I will have it and WOW! What it will do for me is almost astounding.

First off I will be able to do in house demos with my own device which of course will mean other people will become my customers as well as business partners. Yes, It means I will be earning a lot of money. 

You can as well if you will just believe it.

Anyway, I have another low end, low cost device and yes, it is cool, but with it it is like a bare bones computer when you buy it or like a Pinto instead of a Rolls Royce.

The VS2 Media Center comes with the addons you need to watch what you want when you want including the best repos and IPTV. 

The device I have does not which means that you do get some pre-installed, but if you don't know what to pick or how to install what you want you'll need to research like crazy and visit YouTube many times in your life for the rest of your life.

Now, personally for me it's a pain to do that, but I do have some tech skills so going to YouTube to learn how to add sources, repos, Wizards, IPTV, other addons is a pain, but I get it done.

But if you buy a bare bone device and don't know or can't figure this stuff out you're going to be very PISSED! 

You may not be able to figure out which add on or repos will let you watch your live tv, your shows and or movies.

VS2 has you hooked up and even has tech support, newsletters and real help. Bottom line you can get the device in your house in one day hook it up and start watching your stuff that day. 

Yes, there is a learning curve, but we have web sites that teach, help and even real tech support. We also have videos so you won't be left on the highway without gas, a flat tire or battery stranded.

That's why you need a VS2 Media Center.

With ours you're covered, can get help and won't pull out your hair or cuss at your device when stuff goes wrong!





Yes, I really shouted out those words if you can't yet obtain the cash flow or finance the VS2 Media Center

Then go and buy one of the lower priced Android  devices and hook it up to your television and cut your cable bill in half or to zero!

Yes, telling you to not buy a VS2 Media Center means I will lose out on money. 

Darn right I will! So why tell you to get one of these devices if it won't help me in anyway?

You need to save money and I want you to save money with me or without. You'll have much to learn, but trust me it's worth it.

Why? Well, in the eight months I have had my devices I have watched many PPV events saving hundreds of dollars because all of it has been free.

I have watched so many in theater movies I have lost count. And yes every Oscar nominated film, blockbuster film, superhero film ever made can be seen from these devices if you have the correct addon. 

Yes I have seen Creed, Star Wars The Force Awakens, Superman Vs Batman Dawn Of Justice, The Hunger Games Mocking Bird 2
And so many more.

I have watched series on every network that I cared to see their programs. I don't have Starz but watched Ash Vs Evil when it was on.

You will never need a DVD player, Tivo, or DVR again because the content is archived forever!

Many addons even have entire collections from the past and present. Can we say the Sopranos? How about Hill Street Blues? Want to watch Empire? Missed it? Just go to the addon and boom you can see any episode anytime.


This technology is based on streaming of internet links and you access, addons, repos, directories, wizards and the like.

Sometimes in fact many times for whatever reason a company and or developer will stop updating and or maintaining the repo, addon or wizard and your favorite app can become useless. You'll want to say Mother F.

But don't you worry there will be other apps just as good or better. Now that is where having a VS2 Media Center  can really help because you will receive updates and the newsletter if you opt in as well as being able to use all of our tips and tech web sites.

I will give you a super example of what I mean. For a few years the Genesis addon on was one of the best ever created, but the company for whatever reason decided to stop updating it. 

This had it all live channels, ppv, sports, films, series collections and much more.

And then it was all but gone. What to do? Well with us you would have already had info on new and even better apps.

However, get your device and when you do add the Exodus add on and it will do the same thing as Genesis did I think it is from the same creator.

There are endless ways to get all of your content and more content than you ever had in your life. 

And yes you can in fact view all of it free.

Buy a device and free for life. Now there are services and repos, iptv's and addons that you can get that does require a fee, but you never really have to do that. 

I had my device for eight months or more maybe even a year I forget, but in all of that time I have never paid one cent for any content viewed on my device.

I will tell you that sometimes the links don't work and even the entire addons don't work, but if you have enough addons and you keep searching for what you want you will receive it.

Is all this worth it? Heck yes. You'll save hundreds or thousands of dollars and maybe even many thousands of dollars.


It is because you are not downloading or uploading or storing any content and even though many may consider it piracy. 

It is not piracy on your part and the FCC has said that under current law it is not illegal. 

Now, if at such time laws are changed they would affect the companies that created the addons not the viewer. Not you.

Is streaming here to stay? Yes, is this VS2 Media Center still going to be legal or any such device down the line? 

I believe it is and you can back me up if you look at how many companies are getting into streaming including the networks and movie companies themselves you'll see that indeed streaming will be here for many, many years. Lifetimes.

The NFL, NBC and many others are getting into the streaming deal.

The future of streaming. I do believe streaming is here forever what may happen in a few years are more fee based addons, and or services may become the norm, but it will still save you thousands of dollars over time as all of these services will be hundreds of dollars less than cable or satellite or even less than Netflix.

Why get one now? Many reasons all the content you'll ever want to see. Never needing to pay to go to a theater again to see a movie, no gas, bus fare, no snacks cost, theater tickets, dinner. 

Right there you save a 100.00 or more dollars in many cases.

Why us? Why VstereamTV? You can buy this device and become a pro member and each time you get another person to buy one. 

You my friend make 200.00 dollars buddy.

The way you do it is you become a pro member and you get people to your site that will be just like this only your user name will take people to your own site.

That means you'll have the best of the best and be able to make money from in affect watching television now how about that?

Go here sign up now and start your time at getting paid.

Bottom Line get to saving money, 

earning money and living better.

Yes, I world rather you buy a different device and start having an abundance of savings and content than to only have you think I am in it for the money. 

I am in it for all of us to prosper!

LLAP  Live Long And Prosper. Words of Leonard Nimoy.

When We Believe We Win.

I will be writing about Joe Nobody 101010, Soloman and Husman men on YouTube that teach you all about Kodi, Repos, Wizards and IPTV with myself, them and a device you'll never need to pay another cable or satellite bill again!

With this knowledge within two to four weeks you can say goodbye to cable or satellite bills forever.

Get the great deal now.  Or Here now. 

You need to visit these sites and you must take action today so that very soon you will have more income in your pocket. These links I post can change your life when you're ready to make it happen. Get there get moving and get more money in your hands. 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 

Live abundantly. 

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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