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18 May 2016

How To Become Free

How To Become Free

This entire episode is about you and how we can help you become free as well as how we can help ourselves become free.

Annette Mendel and Michael McCutcheon ask Tim Miller some very interesting questions.

We could not direct you to what we were speaking about in this episode, but here online and or through the mobile web we can.

You must visit these web sites as a start. Be sure to become a member then get ready to take your first steps at becoming free.

Do not only read what I have written here to decide to watch or not to watch because not watching will cause you not to be able to learn how you can have a more abundant life.

Let the tool called money no longer enslave you, let the tool called money no longer enslave a soul.
First you must learn how to become free then you must teach it to others and we shall all overcome. Just like Martin Luther King has dreamed of happening.

Let us honor Martin Luther King and others who have dreamed of a free nation and world, let all of us become free.

These links as well as others will help you to finally Become FREE!


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Time for you to become free. 

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Albert Torcaso

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