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09 May 2016

Just The Facts Ma'am, Just The Facts Sir, Just The Facts America

Just The Facts Ma'am, 

Just The Facts 


Just The Facts America.

Like Him, Her Or Not. 

America's Next President Hillary Clinton​ Coming 1-20-2017.

Like President Bill Clinton​ or not. 

He left America great jobs, prosperity, fuel , gasoline under 2.00 dollars a gallon. 

Way under. And a Trillion Dollars Surplus.

All facts.

Most Americans have common sense, work hard, care about family, friends, community are Patriotic and would defend hers still today.

Most Americans want our friends, family, community, strangers and our nation to have a prosperity that we have yet to imagine.

Most Americans will see through the deceit of Real Donald Trump for President​  @realDonaldTrump  

Most Americans will look at the history of America and finally see that under democratic Presidents and democratic Congresses we have prospered greatly.

Those who would say I am partisan I would say you are confused I am a Patriot. 

However, Karl Rove a man who someone on his staff or Mr. Rove himself Follow my Albert Torcaso Twitter feed. Mr. Karl Rove once said as follows. 

When appropriate I will be partisan. Karl Rove.

However, Though Indeed I may sound partisan in point of fact I am being  patriotic. 

I shall remind my fellow Americans who vote for republicans and who believe that indeed republicans are conservative that in fact it is republican administrations as well as republican led Congresses that have increased our debts the most.

(D)  President William Jefferson Clinton.
Left office One Trillion Dollars Surplus. No recession, prosperity, low unemployment.

(R) President George H. Bush Used all of the one Trillion Dollars on WARS Iraq, Afghanistan.

Major tax Cuts for the highest income earners of America.

During his administration  Wall Street, Banks, Housing Market Meltdown, Recession and added over Seven Trillion Dollars in Debt. 

As well as some of the highest unemployment in the History Of The United States Of America. 

(D) President Obama​ Has created policies that has brought us out of the recession for the most part.

Wall Street has had record gains during his Presidency.

Fuel has dropped below  2.00 a gallon in most states.

Until late March 2016 still lower than it was a year ago and over 1.80 cents lower when most states saw four dollars  some even more than five dollars at it's peak.

The automobile industry has been bailed out agree with the bail outs or not.

America's main automobile makers have finally gained respect and started to profit once more.

Unemployment the lowest since the recession! 

Go to your library, Lycos search engine, other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, or Google. 

Look up key words such as the economics and prosperity under republican and democratic Presidents And Congresses. 

Want Truth Justice And The Humanity Way? Tune In Brothers And Sisters! 

Tune In Tell Us Your Stories And Testify!

Taxes started under a republican President and that Sir, Ma'am is a fact.

In truth Most Americans 75% are living pay check to pay check or the loss of just two pay check cycles would harm them greatly.

Truth democratic policies of Democratic Presidents and or a Democratic controlled Congress allows for the greatest number of Americans to increase their wealth.

Truth the republicans have cost us Trillions Of Dollars In Debt. Fact!

They May Talk, Deceive And Convince The American People Of Their Lies. But Most Americans Who Choose To Know The Truth And Who Earn Less Than 50,000 dollars Will Always Choose To Vote For  Independents and Democrats.

Your income is less and you vote republican? Why? Because of hot button issues?

You should vote only on your best financial interest.


You need a career or business to really have a retirement in any nation including The United States Of America.

Be a person have an abortion, be married and LGBT

A few truths

Get there, get moving and get more money in your hands. 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly. Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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