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09 July 2016

A Test Through The TV


 A Test Through The TV

Hi friends, it has been far too long since my last post, but believe me I have not forgotten you and indeed one has missed you.

It would do my heart good to hear from you.

Call or text me here. 412-559-2731 E- mail.

Truth is life came in and things have been odd. For some odd reason it's as if I  just can't work in my office anymore or not more than an hour. Strange, but true.

Since May I only worked in my office twice and that was to create the format for two Humanity Matters Live episodes and to upload a few videos.

Here is how I wrote this post using a Streaming Device. 

Strange! Why? Well, I can work at another place with WiFi like coffee shops or fast food places,  but not in my office. Strange.

Yes, I write this post at home, but believe it or not I write it through my TV.

Yes, using my Streaming Media Center's web browser. 

Learn more here.

I am able to write posts and much more these devices are really amazing.

Friends,  know that I will work to make up for lost time so if you see one to as many as ten posts or more, podcast, videos or text based don't shocked.

And they will cover many issues as well as news, entertainment about our business. Thank you, Albert

Above you see two different streaming devices the element TI and the Vstream 2 Media Center.

The VS2 has many more features, but the best benefits are the customer service, tech support real human beings, as well as web forums and even a tips page.

They have an automatic updater which means you will be up to date and not have to worry about things not working well.

They pre install  the add ons that most of us watch and you don't have to search for them or learn how to install them or the repositories.

You have live tv, sports, movies, PPV and more installed already. The Element does not do this and it can be days, months or even a year or more before you know how to do what you need to do to see all you like.

VS2 has you covered already. I will create another post that has many differences between the VS2, Element or other media boxes. I know since I have owned both of these two devices. We have a camera built is as well.

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

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