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13 July 2016

Chilly Billy Needs To Be Honored

Chilly Billy Needs Honored Today.

Chiller Theater Fans, Studio Wrestling, MDA Telethon and all Chilly Billy Fans of Bill.

Bill Cardille is Fighting Cancer Again.

Let's Honor Him In Pittsburgh, PA with a Parade.

Chilly Billy Day 

Or something to show him the love that he always shows all of us!

If we can make Parades for The Steelers, Penguins and more in a few days time.

We can honor a Legend, Hero! MDA Telethon Host for more than Forty Years.

He Needs us now so.

Demand legally, ethically and peacefully, but demand we honor 
Bill Cardille this very Summer 2016!

Mayor 412-255-2626
WPXI 412-237-1100

He worked at WIIC TV 11 Then it changed to WPXI 11
Worked there over thirty years.


And more!

412-255-2626 Mayor
412-237-1100 WPXI

Honor this man who has done so much to scare, make people laugh, smile and even helped to save lives through 
MDA Telethon with Jerry Lewis.

Chilly Billy, Bill Cardille, you are a hero to me.

Albert Torcaso

Producer / Host Humanity Matters Live

It's time you claim your abundance now.

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