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28 July 2016

Remembering And Respecting Chilly Billy, William R. Cardille, Bill Cardille

Not to be pushing my FAT Albert weight, but I need you gals and guys right now.

Need jpeg pictures of Bill Cardille, Chilly Billy for Tuesday's episode 

Remembering Bill Cardille. 

Channels 21, 47 

Comcast 21, 

Verizon Fios 47.

Live @ 6:00 pm est time.

Need your pictures to show respect to Bill

You will have a credit in a series that has been on television since 2004 and one that has it's core mission to improve and lift up all lives.

Help us show Bill's Spirit we care.

90,000 potential viewers and your name in the credits, plus you help us give Bill the respect he earned.

Hey, if no one helps me remember and respect Bill 


Lol you would not want me mad now would you?

Lol, for real help me respect and remember Chilly Billy.

If you're wondering why I don't use these pictures it is because I do not have a way to find out who owns the copyrights and how to get permission.

We will not earn or make a cent on our episode, we want audios, pictures and videos only to be able to remember our friend Bill Cardille.

Humanity Matters Remembering Bill Cardille

Channels 21 and 47 in Pittsburgh, PA

Comcast 21

Verizon Fios 47

Pittsburgh, PA


6:00 pm est time

Call in 412-231-2288

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

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