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20 July 2016

Show The Love For All God's People And Animals

Show The Love For All God's People And Animals

Help us save their lives.

Today we live for this very moment, we know not if we shall have another, it is for us to share and show the love right now.

It is for us to do everything that we can to have our loved ones know we care. 

It is for the seven billion plus souls on earth to throw away hatred and to evolve into a race where every souls needs are met.

Where war is a word that has become history and just a part of our past.

It is time our world indeed every soul be loved and show love.

A world where those who have no faith in a God are hugged and loved by those who do love 

The Lord Thy God.

It is time our world Love The Lord Thy God and not try to demand others 

Worship at all or to force upon another woman,man or child their ways of worshiping  

The Lord Thy God.

 We must love                             
                     The Lord Thy God 

By All Names and faiths for if we love 

The Lord Thy God 

We will love all of God's Creations.

You may think I offend The Lord Thy God and maybe my thoughts and words

 do, but somehow I think our love of The Lord Thy God and humanity will let us 

start walking closer to God known by any name.

 I Love you Father God, Jesus Christ and the 

Holy Spirit

Ray Charles - You Are My Sunshine LIVE You Are My Sunshine. 

I sing this song to all of my loved ones just before they pass away. 

I want them to know how important they will always be to me.
I hope not to sing this song to Lashona Moon Torcaso or 

Precious Pumpkin Torcaso anytime soon..

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