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19 July 2016

They Want Us To Forget

 They Want Us To Forget

They Want Us To Forget All great accomplishments President Obama has achieved for our great nation.

 As well as others leaders and how their works made it better for all Americans.

William Jefferson (Bill ) Clinton.

They try to make you forget under Obama the stock market has had record highs, low unemployment, heath care and much more. Clinton left office with a trillion dollar surplus!

Democrats historically have all segments of our nations people prosper, poor, middle class, rich and super rich.

Study history and the fact Ma'am! Conservatives must vote for Hillary R. Clinton if they wish to prosper and do well.

Remember, Democrat Clinton left office with money.

Republican Bush left office with historic debt.

Clinton years we prospered and better cost of living.

Bush was forced to bail out banks and so much more.

Under Bush millions of Americans lost their life savings in the big disaster of 2008 and before.

Under Obama most of the value is back and more Americans are doing better. Yes, not as well as could be, but better.

Conservatives do you want to lose your life savings again? 

Do you want another depression worse than the one of the 1920's?

You think me a left wing nut?

Study on a search engine or library of your choice and your way of thinking.

Facts and truths can't and don't lie.

We do better under democratic administrations and Congresses under a democratic majority.

It is great for business, investing and consumer spending when the democrats have the majorities. Sorry, just the facts Ma'am.

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