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23 July 2016

Will We Lose Hope?

We have had my mother, cats and a dog who have died from cancer.

Since 1989 many have died from cancer.

Help us not have to watch

Precious Pumpkin and

Lashona Moon Torcaso die from it as well.

Some of my animals who died from that rotten killer!

Baby Girl

Ebony Midnight

Precious Princess

Micky Bodine a cat that even cat haters loved.

Cassie Sweetheart.

Alaysia Beloved.

Misty Adorable.

Little Baby Girl.

Baby Doll Sunshine was catnapped from me.

Years later she was returned by the young man. I am proud of them for bringing her home.

She also died from cancer.

Some had.

Lung Cancer.
Breast Cancer.
Stomach Cancer

And more.

My mother Mary Torcaso died from Lung Cancer by the time we knew she had it she was in late stage four.

Help, us help our pets, our babies.

And a few more.

Stop the madness please donate that dollar and ask the world to donate as well. a dollar could well add up.

Will We Lose Hope

Any extra money donated would go for other animals in need as well as any that arise in our home or friends and families homes.

Save lives now please.

Pictures of Misty Adorable and Baby Doll Sunshine.

Misty Adorable a few weeks before she died.


Help please.

Don't Let Us Lose Hope.

Albert Torcaso

time you claim your abundance now. 

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