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05 August 2016

An Army, Navy, Marines And Air Force For Bill Cardille

Yes, Bill Has Passed Away, But Ensure That He Is Never Forgotten.

Call Monday - Friday to 5:00 pm est time.

White House ask that they award him a medal for his service to humanity.


Mayor Of Pittsburgh


Ask who and how to contact the departments that can make it happen.



Ask them to have a marker or rename their building or a wing after Bill, and to have a special with any and all Chiller Theater clips they still have.

Also we need a street named after him, a Day and Night long celebration, a statue and a parade.

Let's do this Pittsburgh!! We must always

Remember Bill Cardille

Get the movement going, Causes, Petitions, Calls and more Get Bills Army Going. Be Ethical, Peaceful, but no retreating we need Bill to be remembered for all time!

We must organize on this one so call me with your ideas!



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