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31 August 2016

Can You Do This And Give Feedback.

I am working on moving forward in many aspects of my life and at this time I sure could use your help.

You see there have been long amounts of time where one has been placed in a great adventure, yet one never has gotten forward in such adventure and I know that what I have told you for years is true and it remains true even as I have not yet reached the actual goal or mission.

Below, I have the links that one would like your thoughts on.

This I tell you that even as one has not seemed to achieve what they set out to do in fact, I am still on the path and will keep working to make what I have told you become a reality for myself and yours.

What do I mean by all of this?

I mean the success that I have dreamed of for all of us and that has not yet happened.

Friends, I speak of how so many of us let us stop ourselves in life out of Fear.

We say that we will Keep Moving Forward, but we don't take the actions needed to achieve Success.

Friends, your dreams can be a reality and you can start it today. 

Maybe your entire life you have tried and failed, but what if I told you there are really ways for you to succeed.

You need first to listen to these entire videos and listen often.

I tell you if you listen to these videos they will start to reach you and they will help you see that you can move, that you can do it my friend.

Listen to Earl Nightingale.

Before you make your goals

I know these videos will help you because they have helped me.

Want proof? I have been a bit down again and you may have noticed a few weeks have passed again and I had no new posts here. 

Today I was going to stay off my computer and just let myself stay down.

Not only has that not happened, I also wrote this post for you as well as working on my businesses.

Truth is friends, if we don't move forward right now on the ideas, dreams we have I make you this promise no other person on earth out of seven billion plus people will make it happen.

Like it or not you're the only one that can start you or stop you're the only one that can make it happen.

Start today and start making it happen. 

Even if it took your entire life and you fell short at least you could say you did everything you could and you did not ever give up.

Do you like sports? Remember, no person or team ever wins without sacrifice.

Are you going to fight for what you want or are you going to give up and let your life be filled with pain, regret and sadness? 

Friends, one is asking much of you to be sure and I know that you will help me. 

I know that even as I say or write I, in truth, it is we and there is a reason that one has asked this great task of you.

The videos that we need feedback on is listed below.

Please take action each day and please take action and move because there is no way that you can give up on your goals, yourself or me.

Take this list, listen,like, comment and contact me with your thoughts.




It's time you claim your abundance now. 

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