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12 August 2016

Humanity Matters Remembers Bill Cardille. Chilly Billy


This is the episode that was one of the hardest episodes that I have ever done.

What Bill Cardille has meant to my life and to so many other lives can't really be spoken or written into word.

What he is frankly is a Super Hero and yes, we finally learned even super heroes can die.

But his spirit now resides in Paradise / Heaven.

Tune in and learn how Bill affected so many lives other than mine and please join us in 

working to have Bill Cardille, Chilly Billy get a parade, statue, street or some other permanent place and building to ensure that his name lives on forever.

He saved lives and he helped so many people to enjoy life.

I did some editing magic and changed a few things. Everyone who helped me by sending in their pictures and or music have now been thanked on this episode by voice and in writing.

Keep the pressure on our state, county, city WPXI and WJAS's former owners to permanently honor Bill with a street, statue, parade, day / night. Building wing.

Call WPXI by 5:00 est time weekdays.

Call the Mayors office to see who you need to contact and in what manner.


Yes, call the White House and see if Bill can get a medal or some greeting from the President of The United States Of America.


Let's get Bill honored now and for all time.

Here are both Bill Cardille episodes.


Audio Podcast

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