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02 August 2016

In Less Than An Hour!

In Less Than An Hour!

In Than An Hour we Remember Bill Cardille.

Remembering Bill Cardille will be one of the toughest episode I have done in the entire thirteen years, twenty six seasons run.

Why? Well Bill Cardille 

Was on WIIC / WPXI Channel 11 in Pittsburgh, PA through all the tough times I had as a child and trust me tune in tonight you will understand.

What Chiller Theater
and Bill Cardille meant to me and so many people well, is almost not able to be said in any language with written or spoken words.

Bill Cardille was in fact like an uncle, father, brother and friend to thousands of people maybe millions.

Tune in Aug-2-2016

Live @ 6:00 pm Est Time.

People the world over find out your matching time zone and at 6:00 pm Est Time be here.

21 Comcast Cable Pittsburgh, PA

47 Verizon Fios Pittsburgh, PA 

Be there!

Albert Torcaso

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