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14 September 2016

A Man Of Dishonor

A Man Of Dishonor

Many people think I have a grudge, yet the facts speak for themselves 
Donald Trump that is not an honorable man. 

I don't have any grudge My Fellow Americans I just want to keep America Safe, Strong And Prosperous.

He attacks millions of people, with insults, skips out on paying people and won't release his tax or medical records.

What I don't get is how Intelligent Americans can be fooled by this snake oil salesman who has enjoyed blacklisting contractors, and so much more.

Frankly, I think America Is really in bad shape when so many men could be tricked into voting for a man that will cause the greatest threat to 
American Democracy as well as cause a massive recession.

By the way that was not my assessment that was Moody's Assessment.

I know he is a man of dishonor and many bad aspects of humanity, but I hope he never really said this.

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

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