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17 September 2016

America AT RISK! Evil May Take Control Of America!

America AT RISK! Evil May Take Control Of America!

My Fellow American Patriots did you know that Donald Trump wants to end '

Social Security and Medicare as we know it.

Did you Know His Book Think Big And Kick Ass he has an entire chapter on getting revenge.

Is America perfect no.

Is Hillary Clinton Perfect no, but she does not like getting even and won't abuse her power to get back at those who crossed her.

If you're a loved one of someone over 62 years old then help them stay healthy, and let them keep getting their medicare and social security or at least when they are old enough to get it.

Donald Trump would have access to the Nuclear codes and if he goes after a nation that also has nukes he could cause a nuclear war.

Donald Trump made fun of a person being injured and blinded he is EVIL Deal with it 

American People Accept The Truth!

Do not vote for him at any cost.

Black Lives Matter.

Seniors Matter. 

All Lives Matter.

Don't put Social Security At Risk.

Don't Put Medicare At Risk.

Don't Risk Nuclear War.

Donald Trump likes Revenge and would Dump Social Security.

Hillary R. Clinton won't be seeking revenge.

Hillary R. Clinton  helped many youth and worked to see health care for all Americans.

Hillary R. Clinton is what America and Americans need.

Hillary R. Clinton has never written a book with a chapter about getting revenge or getting even.

Hillary R. Clinton never made fun of a person who has been injured and blinded nor has she caused businesses to go out of business. 

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America's Next President Coming


Hillary R. Clinton

She helped many Americans her entire life and if we want to Save America, 

Social Security, 

Medicare and maybe the World 

We Must 

Elect Hillary R. Clinton as 

America's Next President.

It's time you claim your abundance now.

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