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23 September 2016

Americans Don't Give Up On Unity Or Hope.

Americans Don't Give Up On Unity Or Hope.

My Fellow Americans we must put America first in this election cycle.

Get Out The Vote.

Vote For America.

Vote For America's Future.

We Must Get Out The Vote To Save America, We Must 

Vote For America's And Americans' Future, We Must Vote For Jobs, Vote For More Jobs, Vote For The American Reality And Stop Calling It The American Dream!

We, The People Of The United States Of America Must Finally Vote For Our Own Futures As We Also Vote For The Futures Of All Americans.

Be They Born In Iran, Spain, Russia, Germany, Britain, Jamaica, China, Africa, Italy, 

Mexico, Be They Born In  Syria, India, Brazil, Be They Born In Canada.

Be They Black, White, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, Gay Or Straight, 

Atheists, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Agnostic.

Be They 550 percent below the poverty line, 250 percent below the poverty line, at the 
poverty line, the working poor, middle class, upper middle class, rich or wealthy 





No matter who they are We Shall And We Will Include Them In America's New And Great Future

Be they legal Or Illegal We, The People,  Must Finally Unite as one and in the words of the 



Let Us Shout Those Words Out Not With Our Voices, But With Our Votes.

Let Us Dismiss The Lies, The Hatred, The Con Jobs.

Let Us Remember William Jefferson Clinton (Bill) 

Had Prosperity, He Had A Trillion Dollars Surplus.

Fuel, Gasoline was Less Than  1.20 a gallon in almost every state.

Let us keep moving America to even more Greatness And Let Us Include All Americans this Time With  NO LIMITS!

My Fellow Americans I ask you to Allow America To Become Greater, Stronger and Better Than Any Other nation In The History Of This Earth.

We Need
A Real Leader Not A Sick Deprived Dictator!

My Fellow Americans Conservatives, Progressives, Republicans, Independents and Democrats.

Unite on November 8th 2016 to elect America's Next Great Leader To The Presidency Of The United States Of America.

Vote For America's Next President Hillary R. Clinton And 

God Bless America! 

We must look at the dangerous risk of making the wrong choice. 

This time if we make the wrong choice we could end the world in a Nuclear War.

Though you think those words extreme remember any President can authorize a nuclear weapons launch and if we are at war with another nuclear capable nation what prevents them from launching nukes at us?

Nothing. That may scare you and it should because one candidate wrote a book and in it describes how to get even with others and revenge.

We need to Protect America and in this case the entire world.

Be a Patriot and Vote November 8th 2016.

Get registered now, get your friends to get registered and get them to Vote.

Americans, do you want to be told we stink by this candidate?

Or this candidate who believes in You and the Greatness Of America?

She will lead us into an even Greater America, she will include You.

Lives Depend on it.

Albert Torcaso


It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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