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09 September 2016

Be There Every Friday 9:00 pm Est Time And Succeed Like Mad

Join In The Fun

Be There Every Friday 9:00 pm Est Time And Succeed Like Mad

It's really time you learn some truth and you, start having fun and maybe more, but you must be here each week or just go and get in now.

Your choice.

412-559-2731 Subscribers, friends and fans, Quick Question for you:

Do You Know Anyone Who LOVES Playing Video Games?

If you said Yes, then you Definitely Want to be on the Podcast tonight. 


Jack & Ivan, from Star Prime Gaming, are going to show you how you or someone you know can Play Video Games, participate in Tournaments & If you're not a Gamer be Paid a Solid Weekly & Monthly Income to find Gamers to join the Club.

Also they'll talk about the Proven Health Benefits Playing Video Games has on Senior Citizens & Children along with many other Great Benefits of being a Member of this Exclusive Club. See it here:

Also Tonight we have 2 other Special Guests Tobie & Joe, "The Gamer Guys" the trainers of the club: who'll talk about how by just being a Member of Star Prime Gaming & at no additional cost, they will be Training people to be a Gamer or be a Better Gamer so they can participate in Tournaments & eventually Leagues (like the NFL & NBA but for Gamers) & Live Pay Per View Events.

So you DON'T want to MISS The Podcast Tonight. 

If you want to know more about the Exciting Opportunity with Star Prime Gaming.

Visit the following link to learn more:

Also DON'T MISS The Live Information Call - Every Tuesday & Thursday Night: Time: 8:55 pm Eastern / 7:55 pm Central / 6:55 pm Pacific - Phone Number: (323) 920-0091 Code 1137248# Subscribers, friends and fans.

If you're Gamers, IMAGINE: Being Paid to Do What You Love & Non-Gamers Being Paid To Find Gamers Tapping Into this 2.2 Trillion Dollar Video Gaming Industry.

There's something for Everyone. I'll Be Listening To Hear you on the Podcast Tonight!! Do Me A Favor: Check out my Video About This & Like It for me

412-559-2731 REMEMBER: Humanity Matters & YOU Matter to Me!!

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

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