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20 September 2016

End Terrorism In America Demand That All Americans Train And Carry A Firearm (GUN)

End Terrorism In America Demand That All

 Americans Train And Carry A Firearm 


Let there be justice, but let it be done in accordance of America's judicial and constitutional laws.

Yes, his actions of evil must be rebuked and he must face justice, but we as Americans must not allow hatred of others turn us into haters as well and in so doing becoming what we oppose and what we really are.

Many hate America because of her ability for all to have certain civil rights.

Our nation has already taken away our privacy and many of our freedoms in the guise of protecting us.

Ask yourself has the Patriot Acts, The National Defense Authorization Act = NDAA  and the Military Commissions Acts of 2006 and 2009 protected us? 

Have they really?

No, and be aware both parties have created these freedom taking laws both republican controlled and democratic controlled Houses as well As George W Bush (R) and 

Barack Obama (D) Presidents both Democrats and Republicans have taken away our civil liberties and privacy in the name of Security We Have Lost Liberty!

However, Ask This Of Every Congress Member and of Our Presidents, and all People Campaigning For Office.

Has these civil liberties stealing laws protected us?

NO! All of these attacks happened even with a Fortress America and the Terror of these attacks must end to be sure.

We must also repeal 
The Patriots Acts, 

The NDAA and the 

Military Commissions 

Acts Of 2006 and 2009.

They harm us more than these attacks and in many ways help those who would harm or kill us.

Every person in America is tracked now. And 95% of Americans are law abiding, patriotic Americans. Stop Stealing our freedom.

By the way, I am a Democrat I will be voting for America's Next 

President Hillary Clinton​.

I do however believe in the right to not only own firearms, I believe our nation should be an open carry nation.

If most Americans were armed after being trained and those who would harm or kill us knew we were armed It is my belief there would be a massive reduction in violence because those who would attempt harm or murder would know they would surely die.

All sane Americans should in fact be required to have firearms training and even assisted in obtaining training and a firearm.

Armed Americans who were trained would do more to insure our great liberty and restore privacy than all of the laws, surveillance, recording devices and cameras combined.

If Americans really want to reduce terrorism do these two things.

1, Elect Hillary Clinton As America's Next President.

2, Petition Congress and the President to pass a Firearms training and Requirement act into law.

Make every American do their part to protect this great nation and to protect each other,

Albert Torcaso 

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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