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18 September 2016

Gaming And Prayer.

Gaming And Prayer.

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Humanity Matters Live Gaming And Prayer

We start the episode with a lot of laughs as Annette Mendel introduces me in a way that has me asking her some questions and it seems funny to me.

She seemed a bit ticked off, but it was funny I do believe,

We speak about and share a report on how playing video games can help people who have Alzheimer's And Dementia regain some memory or certain skills.

In this episode we speak about how videos gaming can help senior citizens improve their memory and motor skills as well as how video games can help children improve skill and become smarter.

Video Games Help Seniors And Young Children.

Shirley Douglas tells us of a wonderful event.

The national day of prayer for our nation's youth. USA. As well as some other cool topics.

Playing video games does help seniors and children I would encourage you to research it.

By the way, for people who love playing video games there is an exciting site that has training, tournaments and more for members.
Here is that link.

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