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05 September 2016

Going From Negative To Positive Thinking

Going From Negative To Positive Thinking

“See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.” ~Dalai Lama

It can be rough going from Negative To Positive Thoughts and many times the ideas that may help us seem to still be out of reach for us.

Like doing Yoga or exercising and those bad thoughts just keep coming so I know that even as I am writing this post each letter that I write is a victory.

You see I am overcoming what is really a Negative life for the last fifty two years I have had mostly Negative experiences and have not gotten to where I want to be in life. 

Even today I have been down, WAY DOWN!

So, instead of just letting the Negative keep me down I am doing something Positive I am creating this post. 

Will it be of value to any of you that is for you to decide for me it is a victory because I had thought about not doing another post today and just trying to catch up later in the month or year.

You see about two years ago now I had decided that I wanted to beat my own record of posts on my site here Humanity Matters Dot Org. 

If I keep up at this pace I will have more posts on Humanity Matters Dot Org than in it's history. Last year I had 223 posts as I keep posting posts I will erase that record with a new one.

So, instead of going down to watch something I really like I said overcome those Negative Thoughts and in actions.

As I said many of us hear, read and watch things about being positive, but they seem to be things that for whatever reason we can't or won't do so that said try this.

Set yourself a challenge that you can do. 

If you're a writer then write an article now if you're into sports go find a way to play that sport and if for whatever reason none of those things work for you then.

Simply work on remembering your past successes because even the toughest lives and hardship lives on earth have successes.

Maybe you're a single parent and you found a way to gain the funds for your child to have new school clothes and supplies, maybe you found a way to fund your child's college education without including more debt.

Do you see how successful you really are?

Stay Postive.

Fact is we are all successful, but many of us just don't see it because we want more success in whatever it is.

What if I told you that changing your mindset from I can't to I can or just going out and doing it does change things what would you say to that?

Can being Positive and just Believing In Yourself really change your day and your life?

Yes, but in addition to this post I would like you to keep being Positive so I have included a link to an article that you will see it is useful.

Can being Positive and just doing it make a difference yes, look at the facts.

You're reading this post a post that was not going to be written.

Find a way to stay Positive and all of our successes will start to become a reality.

Nothing can stop us except us so let us keep ourselves moving ahead and on to success in all aspects of our lives.

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It's time you claim your abundance now. 

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