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23 September 2016

It's Golden Once More

 It's Golden Once More

First off I want to Personally Thank Kevin a Manager at  
The Monroeville Pennsylvania 

Golden Corral Restaurant


970 Monroeville, PA 15146
Phone 412-856-8515

I had looked up Golden Corral Monroeville PA. on Google for their 

phone number and saw there were a few reviews. WOW! 

Most were One Star Reviews! 

Sometimes I can act like a BIG JERK! 

Worst Then This Head shot From Back In The 90's!
I told my family I am not going there anytime soon!

Then I said hold up you're a fair person Albert and can't judge and not let them defend themselves because haters might just be hating.

I called asked to speak to the manager which was Kevin I told him what I had seen and how bad things sounded. Well, Kevin is a kind man, honest and filled with integrity.

He said you know what before we had new management things were bad now they are good and getting great.

I said okay Kevin, if we come will you make sure if there are any problems you will fix them?

He said yes, and off we went to the Golden Corral In Monroeville, PA.

When we arrived I spoke with Kevin.

Now, my review.

First I went to the men's room. NO, NOTHING GROSS.

In the past let;s just say it had issues.

The bathroom was clean and all things worked, the soap was there the dryer worked as did the sink.

All seemed fine. Did not use any other part. 

The floors were clean everywhere.

Now, the reason we go to a place to eat is for the food.

The hot foods were warm and tasty.

The salads were stocked and I had my favorite fresh Spinach.

I went to have a Steak and had asked for a well done piece with all the fat!
Hey, if you're Eating Steak you may as well enjoy the Fat Right.

Our Waiter was Sayyeed (Sy) he was a fantastic waiter and worked real hard to please the entire section he was serving.

He Scored 10 out of a possible 10!

Well, the place was packed and he had a few people that were not always well, all that kind.

He had us have the drinks we wanted I had a 
Pepsi,  Root Beer and Dr. Pepper Mix! Just because I never drink alcohol does not mean I don't mix my drinks.

Those 100 choice Coke machines in many places have nothing on me! Had my glasses of water as well.

Kevin, Sayyeed I hope the spelling is correct those two men should both be promoted to National Managers.

Yeah, Kevin and Sayyeed I said That! Bring my friend Tony along with you, but save a few great workers in Monroeville so that the place stays as great as it is now!

Sayyeed and Tony both of you are two of the best waiters I have ever been honored to meet as people and lucky to be served by.

You both may be waiters, but if Golden Corral's

CEO has any common Sense they will 

have all of you Tony, Kevin and Sayyeed 

trained for national executive careers in 


Tony and Sayyeed (Sy) I see a career move in your future and you will 
Live Long And Prosper.

As For Golden Corral's Owners, Board Of Directors, Stakeholders, Investors, Corporate.

You need to know had it not been for your manager Kevin you surely would have lost a customer at least at this location.


SY and the entire crew score big points and the food Um Well, Ah, I may be just a little bit Fatter, Albert LOL!


Kevin even was nice enough to personally have three cotton candies made for me.

Yeah, I may be 52 years old in this lifetime. I still love it!


Now, are any of you HUNGRY?

Other crew members include.

Cooks Zach, Mike
Alison Cashier
Sy Our Cool as Ice Cream Server. He's the good kind of Cool.
Beri Bakery
James Salad
Joe Dish
Jen Server
Val Server

Go Back To Monroeville PA's Golden Corral And Let's Eat!

Sent To Corporate.

I need this message to reach your CEO and Management Team.

The Monroeville PA Store  had many very bad reviews about it only having one star out of five on most of the reviews.

I said right away after that there was no way we were ever going there again. 

Then I said to myself and the family I can't do that I can't judge without letting them defend themselves or at least giving them a chance to make things right.

I called the store and spoke to Kevin the Manager in Charge I told him everything.

Well, I made a post about it on my blogging site one believes everyone of the people who work with Golden Corral's Team Should Love My Review.

Now, you need to promote Kevin, Sy - Sayyeed and Tony to a national managers or executive positions because these men and other women and men have Saved Golden Corral Monroeville PA and they need to be rewarded for it.

They Saved The Days And The Nights. They get a 10 out of a 10 score.

The post is here. 

Albert Torcaso

It's time you claim your abundance now.

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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