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21 September 2016

Ivan Harris Sr. Is A Wonderful Person

All sports fans must see this site.

Ivan Harris Sr. A Good Man.

Ivan Harris Sr. is a good man and one who cares about the people he knows and works with.

You know in a world of people placing limits or illusion of said limits on us. 
Ivan Harris Sr. works to lift us up, when we fall short of our own expectations he reminds us of our accomplishments.

Truth is this past week has been busy for me and I have had a small illness so I have not really spoken to Ivan in about a week.

You can be sure I will today. 9-21-2016 he along with Montez Moss and 
Jack Baxter have helped me and many other people in ways that these word or the video will never really express to the fullest extent.

Truth is that The Lord Thy God sent these three men to me and I am so much better because of it.

Remember, that You, Humanity And All Forms Of Life really Does Matter.


It's time you claim your abundance now.

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