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22 September 2016

Please Help Them Live.

Please Help Them Live.

Help These Super Wonderful Cats Please,

And Pray For Them And Us, Pray That We

Will Raise The Funding Through

The Lord Thy God's

Help And Though You Great Kindness.

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

We have two wonderful cats who may be sick with the big C.

Lashona Moon 

used to grow and was what in known a a feral cat.

She used to be mean, in reality she was just scared, heartbroken, feeling unwanted and unloved. 

Now, she sleeps on the bed right next to me. 

She hardly grows anymore it was all just an act.

We love her and 
Precious Pumpkin 

Dearly help Us to save our babies.

When I first saw Precious Pumpkin she was by her biological mother whom  outside under a tree.

I think rejected Precious Pumpkin or thought she was dead. I thought she was a dead mouse. I looked closer and discovered she was a kitten.

Near death we took her in and got her to the vets two vet techs helped her to live and about two weeks later we had our Baby, Our Precious Pumpkin.

Lashona Moon and Precious Pumpkin faced death before this time you can help us save our babies, this time you can be the Hero.

Help Them Beat Cance_
You know the one that humans and cats get way too many times.

Well, I am going to show you links and ask for your great help.

A Dollar Can Save A life.

You Caring requires at least a dollar donation per person and also 
I am much better at network marketing however, the funds have not started coming as of now. 9-21-2016.

Please Donate.

Please direst me to a place where I can get them no cost or low costs tests, x-rays, and treatment for that Can_er they might have.

I already have a 900.00 dollar bill because a third cat had that

Pyrametra it may be misspelled.

It happens in cats that were not spayed or not spayed at a young age and it destroys their insides it kills and I mean fast.

We were able to get her the surgery and save her thank goodness.

However, as I said the bill is 900.00 dollars.

I have a heart issue so I am right now on Disability and have very little left over after the bills.

Again, I will put links here and ask that any of you that can make a donation so that I can save our babies we would be very grateful.

If you can also help us receive free treatment for all tests, surgeries, blood work.

Or a place that is very low cost please let me know here at once or please call or text me here 24 / 7 /365.

We love our cats and we must save them.


We have a You Caring Drive if you can help please help.

If you know others like foundations or anyone please help.

I am Albert Torcaso

Note: I do not receive income from any of these professions at present, but I am a public access producer and blogger.

We will promote and have you appear on either the television show which airs on Every Wednesday 12:00 Noon Est Time.

Or a podcast. I personally will help in any way I can.

The TV show also appears on Comcast Cable 21 In Pittsburgh, PA
Verizon Fios Channel 47 In Pittsburgh, PA.

12;00 Noon est time Wednesdays.

Live first Tuesday of each month Live at 6:00 pm est time.

We will have you as a guest if you can make it to Pittsburgh, PA.

Or a podcast audio only interview which you can call in from anyplace on earth.

Albert Torcaso


A Dollar Can Save A life.

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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