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17 September 2016

Sybil Presley Is Living Her Dream Right Now

Sybil Presley
Is Living Her Dream
Right Now
Sybil Presley is living her dream, here you see her holding up a sign for her web site that is for the company that she and I Albert Torcaso are both an affiliate of.

Sybil Presley is doing much more than just holding up this sign in fact and in truth she is an inspiration to me and I suspect many more people.

You see there is a story behind this picture of a woman holding a sign. 

So much more that we shall reflect on.

Consider what Sybil Presley had to form an idea, create, decide where she would go to increase possible sign ups and traffic to her site.

She had to not let any possible roadblocks stop her.

Such as will she be asked to leave?

Would she be laughed at or mistreated in any way due to the the way she was dressed?

How would she get there? How long would she have to stand?

Did she really think it would work? Sybil Presley is bold, she is a person who has a goal and won't be stopped. 

We have no way of knowing how many people will view her site or sign up as a result of this and future actions.

What we do know is that she is already a success.

She is a success because 
Sybil Presley took actions instead of only thinking of this idea.

Sybil Presley took actions instead of saying she would or waiting until maybe a better location or maybe better weather. 

We know not if it were warm, burning hot, chilly, we know not of the way she was received nor do we know a host of other factors.

Sybil Presley said nothing on earth will stop her from her goals and nothing will stop her from astounding success.

Yes, I Albert Torcaso have done many things in my life with much success, yet I have also stopped myself from many things due to negative thoughts.

I congratulate Sybil Presley, she is turning her dreams into reality and somehow I think she will reach many of her goals much faster than even she estimated.

Wonderful foresight Sybil Presley, you are inspiring me to do as you have done and to keep making even more creative ways to mine and our teams Success.

Special mention to our sponsor, friend, mentor and a man who is my brother thank you Ivan Harris Sr. and warning lol, I'll be having an 

Ivan Harris Sr. post real soon.

You'll love it Ivan, it will be real smooth.  

If you are inspired by what Sybil Presley has done then you take action today as well.

Start by giving yourself a chance at success and at becoming an affiliate of this new Live sports App Company that will be earning money every second of the day starting later this fall.

You can also earn some money so right this second honor Sybil Presley  

Visit my site so that you can join us in this historic business.  

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

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