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05 September 2016

Video Games Help Seniors.

Video Games Help Seniors.

There are many articles now showing how seniors playing video games are being helped with thinking and fighting off Alzheimer's and Dementia as well as being able to improve on their short term memory and recalling things in their lives.

Senior Americans and Seniors the world over can and are benefiting from believe it or not playing Video Games.

Yes, Video Game Therapy and many studies have proven there is a relationship to their improving in memory and reducing the affects of age related disease.

I would like you to read these articles now and I thank the writers for writing them.

I do hope that you will read them and start to understand how playing videos games can be helpful.

While I do agree that some video games should not be played by younger minds at least not without parental supervision one feels that they still do help in reflexes and in learning how to think fast.

Some even help with muscles such as the Wii system as you must make movements in order to play each game.

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