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07 September 2016

We Must Keep Moving.

We Must Keep Moving

This post may be short and deep. I can only hope you will have understanding and that it may connect with you in some way.

As I write this to you I am extremely depressed even though I want to keep moving forward and to overcome and finally achieve what I have said I would I never seem to get there, never seem to have victories.

I found a course that if I could follow it and believe it then it could be what would change my life and in the long run help you to change yours.

It is called The Manifestation Miracle

I believe that if I could get this course now and actually have it, follow it and believe in the Laws Of Attraction that indeed I could start taking the actions needed to live the way I want to live.

Trouble is I never really been able to figure out what I want exactly, any real goals or seeing them come to pass.

I know that I want a better financial life so that I can help Annette my family including my fur children and I know that I want to be able to help each of you find real ways to achieve your financial freedom.

But for all that I have done all of my life it seems it has been in vein. 

I can't seem to get any person to see the big picture or that when I speak about life changing opportunities that they are real.

Maybe you're like me and depressed or just not able to believe it is real. 

I get that believe in me I do, but even as I have my struggles I know that the things I say to you really could earn you a living better than most believe.

I will get the Manifestation Miracle when I have the funding because something positive must happen in my life and truth be told I also want to inspire you.

One knows that revealing what I have revealed many times will scare off potential partners and customers, but even if that is true I must first be honest with each of you.

You may say why must he be honest with me I don't write back to him or contact him so why me?

Well, because I want a real friendship with you and in fact, once I finally find a way to believe in the Law Of Attraction and Destiny Tuning  .

I know I will find out how to set goals and to follow them, I know that the success I want will happen.

Let me ask you a favor can each of you contact me through Google+ so that I know you're really there?

Can you tell me how you got to Humanity Matters Dot Org and why you come back?

Can you share your feelings of failure or success with me? Just between us. would also work.

You know, I feel hopeless and without any goals, stuck and tortured, yet somehow I was able to bring myself to write this post today.

No, it's not the type of post I like to write, but truth be told the fact that I have written one word must be seen as a victory due to how I am feeling right now.

Here's the weird part I still know that there is hope and that you and I can breakthrough the roadblock that we may have suffered all of our lives.

Please go to YouTube or other places and find ways to listen to and watch videos that will speak about the law of attraction, motivation and keep working to start believing and acting on these things that will change our lives.

You see right now yeah I am worried, upset, afraid that I will die without ever becoming who I know I am to be, but I also know that real deep down somehow someway I am going to keep moving forward.

Sure, I can't figure out what I want right now or any goals and frankly it makes me mad at myself, but I also know that 

I am no quitter, that I won't go out like that and that I need you to be strong like that as well.

I won't keep allowing myself to cheat myself from what one can achieve.

And you must not allow it either no matter how long it has taken you, no matter how afraid we get, we must keep moving forward and somehow find the belief, then the goals.

And we must fight like mad to take the needed actions. 

Though I be down right now I will not let my life be in vein and I implore you to fight to rise up as well.

You need to hear this Manifestation Miracle video and decide if it may help you.

I listened to it and decided I believed in the video and Idea so I thought I should promote since I will in fact get it myself as soon as possible.

Bottom line I am not stopping or quitting even if I feel as if I am.

Don't you quit.

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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