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04 September 2016

When You're Rejected

When You're Rejected,

When You're Rejected in life it hurts so badly that many times you feel you can't move that you just can't go on.

I know because I have had it done to me many times. 
The latest was yesterday.
I had spoken to a group of young men about the video games and sports businesses I am in and how they can really earn money from being in these businesses.

They said no thank you and boom! Rejected again. Now, as for those businesses the truth is these are a moment in time type of businesses and those who succeed will really earn life changing income.

Why? Well with the game club site you earn 20.00 dollars each time you bring in a new member and they also earn that same 20.00 amount when they bring in customers.

The site trains people to become great gamers and they can be in tournaments and with money as the prizes. As well as access to over 2,000 retro games and so much more.

The site and club will be big and soon millions of people will want to be part of it.

Still, when I speak to people about it they reject me and the idea.

You have been rejected in life many times and in fact that could be why you have not kept at your dreams. 

I am not tearing you down I am telling you that even if you never thought about it that could well be why you have not kept going forward with your dreams.

Here are the facts. I am in businesses that can help anyone who will get in and do the work once they learn how to do it these businesses could earn them hundreds, thousands and eventually millions of dollars.

That said, even you who read this may well reject me and this idea, but I would caution you that even if you do it only leaves you out of the prosperity that will happen to those who figure it out and make it happen.

Everyone on earth may reject you, your idea and or business and if that happened how then could you finally make your dream, idea a reality?

You keep going, you find a way to rethink what you said and why you were rejected. You find a new way to present it, you make changes to the idea, service(s) or products.

Look, we know that when Microsoft, Apple and FaceBook first started out most of the world said no. 

They rejected them and yet somehow Bill, Steve and Mark finally found people who believed in them, investors, partners and employees.

It's hard to keep moving forward When You're Rejected and until you find new ways to have people see the vision, idea it may not change at all, you may keep being rejected so here is what you must do.

You need to find out what you do not yet know, you must find other ways to engage people and explain the ideas, services and products that you have created, invented, become part of.

You must put in the painful time that brings your mind, body and soul down because you can turn many of those who rejected you into those who accept and embrace you.

Truth is, we can learn how to overcome every roadblock in life if we refuse to give up.

I know that sounds like many of the words that motivational speakers say, but it is true. 
I know because I did not want to write this post.

I did not feel like being online at all due to yesterday's rejection and bouts of depression so I was going to just go and watch television I refused to allow myself to quit.

I won't give up and therefore my thoughts were Al are you the only one who has ever tried your entire life to succeed with your dreams, businesses, services, products, skills and keep failing?

I answered no. Now one may ask if we have tried and failed our entire lives up until now are we not just wasting our time trying? Are we not just kidding ourselves?

No! What we have not done is kept finding new tools, training's and seeking out people, mentors or whatever it will take to succeed.

I, for one, am fighting for success and I am not going to give up!

No matter what it takes I am not going to give up and I know my dream will become a reality.

You can start to Believe In Yourself again because if a person who feels like they never won can keep moving forward no matter what then so can you.

If the world rejects me I will find a way to change the rejection into acceptance.
If the world at first says no or no thank you we will find a way to change their minds into saying yes. If we need partners we shall convince with love, kindness and knowledge.

As for Star Prime Gaming you should know it will also be helping people in many ways including life coaching. 

If you want to be part of something great, something special and something the world will be talking about in a few years or less then go here today and you say yes to your life.

To your new way to earning a living to finally getting ahead.

You and your friends will join Star Prime Gaming in the future for sure because of all that it is, but I say do it now and move ahead in life.

The life coaching that they will give could well help you in any other aspect of your life. Other businesses, education, jobs relationships. 

Anything so instead of saying no now only to say yes a few years later.

I ask you to start saying Yes to yourself today. 

Instead of rejecting what I offer you today I ask you to Say Yes and accepting me on my word that this may well  be a huge help in every aspect of your life.

Did you know that to become a gamer and get training many professionals charge 3,000 to 5,000 a session or a course.

Star Prime Gaming will teach you at no extra charge.

Did you know if you sign up and five friends of yours signs up your membership fee is covered and if they stay then you'll not need to pay again.

This is amazing, but what is the real reason you should join? 

Well, it will be fun, gamers can become better at the games, they can earn a living playing video games and they can be in tournaments and maybe win thousands of dollars.

I know not which of those would be your best reason, but for me the training, the income and the life coaching are most important to me.

Now, friends let me say this we will always face rejection even the most successful people on earth face it in some form everyday. 

But, if we can train our brains to think differently we will see that in fact we will succeed.

If you be a woman or man in your 90's and with great mind then I say to you that you can still win. Your dream can come true.

Be not afraid of the world and the world will change for you and for the better.

Do not quit. Fight for your success every day fight for it like you fight for the breath to breathe.

Les Brown said it best. Below are Les Brown's words.

Your life is a fight for territory. Once you stop fighting for what you want, what you don't want will automatically take over. Quitting is not an option! That's not who you are. Hang in there. You have GREATNESS within you! ~ Les Brown

Friends, I leave you with the link to Star Prime Gaming and to be sure there is yet another great opportunity with another business, but for today be sure to look at this link it may well be the vehicle that helps your life become better, happier and prosperous.

You may reject me, my words, my businesses, my ideas, but I shall not reject YOU because YOU MATTER To Me.

One last thing. I need you to have Acceptance that even though it seems you will never succeed indeed you will if you refuse to fail. 

You can not fail if you never give up and should you ever think that it will never happen remember this.

Thomas Edison had to attempt to invent the light bulb 10,000 times before it worked, His mindset was that he did not fail 9,999 times he found out 9,999 times how not to invent the light bulb.

The point is if we never give up we will also succeed and have our dreams realized. 

We will invent our own versions of the light bulb.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams Or Yourself.

Albert Torcaso

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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