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23 September 2016

You Love Cats? Save Ours Please.

Pray, Share It And Donate Please

Baby Died A Few Years Ago Can you Guess From What? Yes, Cancer.

Help us change the Tragedy.

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

I am Albert Torcaso and Annette Mendel we are raising money to Save Our Cats Lives.

We have two wonderful Cats Precious Pumpkin and Lashona Moon Who May Have Cancer Due To Having Already Having a 900.00 vet bill we can't pay for their needed tests.

We ask for your help so that we can get them tested and have them receive the needed treatments.

I have videos of Lashona Moon and will soon add Precious Pumpkin

They were unwanted and uncared for before and we love our babies so please help.

And here

Lashona Moon 

I am Albert Torcaso. I do all that one can do to help other humans and animals this time however, We seek your help to save our cats from a Killer Called Cancer If It Is Indeed Cancer.

We need the funding as fast as possible as it is very important to treat them as soon as possible.

Any and all money will be used to get the tests done which may include X-rays, Blood work and even small surgeries to see what is in their mouths.

Our cats are everything to us in fact. One of my cats who died from that Killer Cancer.

Little Baby Girl Saved My Life.

I am a public access producer on Television the problem is we not only do not make a penny from our show.

We have to pay to create it. 

Every year we pay one hundred dollars just for a membership.

We are both disabled.
I have a serious heart condition and we are disabled with extremely low income less than 760 dollars a month to survive on after we pay the bills we have almost no income for anything else.

I am also a Podcaster, again no funding from it I am even a blogger and YouTube Creator with over 1054 videos.

Nothing has earned me a cent!

So, Depressed and upset with myself for not having the thousands of dollars to get her the Cancer treatment.

I told Little Baby Girl  I know you're real sick baby, but if you don't show me a sign I am giving up the series, the blog, everything since I can't save you.

I was never speaking about taking myself out just stopping all my media things that I do. I said I'm done!

I am giving up. Expecting she may open her eyes or wink at me to give me a sign she did so much more.

She used all her power to push herself to my hand and placed her hand (paw) in mine. 

I tried staying strong, but I cried like you would not expect me to do I cried like a new born baby.

What would it mean to me if you help us save 
Precious Pumpkin and Lashona Moon. 

It Would Mean everything to us and I would even interview each of you on my audio podcast about any subject that matters to you.

If there is any money left over I would donate it to help other animals. 

What would it mean to us to save their lives? 

Everything, everything it would mean the universe to

us and You Would Be Theirs And Our Super Heroes.

Albert Torcaso

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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