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16 October 2016

5 Behind

5 Behind

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

As one is writing this post it is telling that I am five Posts Behind for this month, but in reality that in and of itself is telling since when I was in depression or whatever it was.
Misery or who knows. 

One did not even write at all in the entire month of June 2016.

That means that for me to look at this month and say that I am five behind in reality is just a prospective after all I am still writing and it is with great hope that one has over the years inspired many to act.

Inspired many to move forward Inspired many to see that they really do matter even when nothing seems to go as planned.

You see the fact is that we never need fail, we face delays and what the world and indeed ourselves may see as failure, but if we never give up, never truly quit then we cannot fail.

How though do we move ahead in the face of what seems to be failures? 

We simply work to be positive.

We keep going doing the same things that have never worked since we know not if they will indeed work someday.

We also keep learning and doing new and different things, learning new skills, crafts and we finally decide on what it is we really want.

Once we do this with our inner spirit we shall win in fact we can't really fail so as you may want to give up, give in or just believe that you'll never be that person of success.


Then start studying, listening to many mentors, positive speakers, audios, and videos.

Because you will indeed win.

If I have never Inspired you before let this post be the one that Inspires you on to the greatness that you have in you.

I know that you, have this greatness as we all do. 

Look at how you are reading post after post on so many topics and I have created all of these posts, hundreds of YouTube uploaded videos, FaceBook posts and more all within two and a half months.

You, have greatness in you like Les Brown has said and I Albert Torcaso know this because I am living it right now as you're reading this post.

You, and I are champions you, have only to let your spirit believe then your conscience and sub-conscience will believe and your success will be assured.

Albert Torcaso

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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