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07 October 2016

A Worldwide Disgrace And Inhumane

A Worldwide Disgrace And Inhumane

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Trump Supporters you call this the Moral Majority. I'll Be A SINNER THEN!

America Needs Hillary Clinton​ To Be Our Next President.

Trump Supporters take America down that Dangerous Road If You Dare, But Don't You Dare Say That You Are A Person Of Faith, A Lover Of God Or Morals In Any Way.

Vote For This Sick Excuse For A Candidate If You Will. Just don't claim any faith, love of God or Morals. 


for this man is voting for the worst aspects of humanity.

Republicans have no one to blame but themselves and their willingness to excuse anything Donald Trump did and said, including his comments suggesting that Hillary Clinton might be assassinated. That was a big clue that this was not a man with whom one should tie their political fortunes.

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