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15 October 2016

Bill Cardille Needs To Be Remembered For All Time.

Bill Cardille Needs To Be Remembered For All Time.

Bill Cardille Needs To Be Remembered 

Let Us Remember Him And Let Us Honor Him By The Deeds We Do And The Way In Which We Live.

Bill Cardille's Halloween Festival

I am calling on all Bill Cardille Fans who remember him from MDA
Studio Wrestling and those who loved and still 
Love Chiller Theater.

To many he is Chilly Billy to some he is the man who helped to save their family members lives through helping Jerry Lewis in the MDA Telethon.

Mayor Bill Peduto and City Of Pittsburgh, PA City Council must do this for 
Bill Cardille.

All fans call WPXI, The Mayor and City Council and call them every week twice a week if it takes one month or five years of us pressuring them to have him have a statue, a festival and or a parade in his name then we need to do this For Chilly Billy.

I'll help you out call by 5:00 pm Est Time  Monday -Friday.



Mayor's Office


M- F 9:00 - 5:00 pm Est Time

Mayor Bill Peduto, Councilmen Corey O' Connor and all of City Council. 

I know you had a Bill Cardille Day a few years back and that was wonderful and right to do, but these three Pittsburgh Heroes need honored in a permanent way.

We are indeed happy that two of these fantastic men still work and live in and around our city let us honor them all and do it right now.

List of Pittsburgh's Heroes List Of Honorees.

Bill Cardille (Chilly Billy)

Bruno Sammartino 

Cyril H. Wecht

Make it happen Pittsburgh, Fans and people who care. Make it happen.

Albert Torcaso

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

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