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20 October 2016

Make It A Reality Stop Dreaming

 Make It A Reality Stop Dreaming

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Most people dream of winning this Powerball Prize 151 Million Dollars
And it will never happen sorry to say.

Now, I am in a company that is a leader in a new way to be paid to play games in the video gaming industry. 

They are a Pioneering Company that is making an impact in the video gaming industry.

Can we earn 151 Million Dollars over time if we work hard enough?
Yes, We Can.

If even one of you have any doubt of what I have just said consider what is on this site and what happened.

Just read this and then visit the site.

Whether or not gaming is viewed by the public at the same level as other competitive sports, after spending time in the Gaming Shack it was clear that a strong base and a passion for gaming exists in the shadows of the Big Air ramp and the RallyCross scaffolding.
Security at the tent wrestled with maximum capacity as the line to enter wrapped around the side. Some fans waited up to two hours in the hot Austin sun for an opportunity to watch their favorite gamers play. The stands were packed, and many sat on the floor to watch the matches on TV screens scattered around the tent.
Fans would cheer loudly with every big play as they watched Call of Duty: Ghosts played at the highest professional level. After all, these were the top teams in America with some of them coming fresh from the Call of Duty World Championship in March where eight teams split $1 million. The top team took home $400,000.
Just like professional athletes, after every match, gamers signed autographs and took pictures with excited and passionate fans. People of all ages would smile in delight that they met the gamers that they idolize. Being there was not the only way to watch, MLG reported on Twitter that its streaming platform had more than 152,000 people watching on Day 3.

Stop dreaming and get on the road to reality through working, 

sharing, helping and empowering others.

Go to the site listen to the 2.46 minutes audio and go page, by page learn it and join up.

Make sure that you let me know once you joined.

412-559-2731 anytime
This is a reality.

Call in every Tuesday and Thursday 

8:55 Est Time
7:55 Cent Time
5:55 Pst Time

Pin 1137248# 

Call, tell them Al Torcaso from Pittsburgh, PA sent you.

Why such a bold statement from me? There are 3 Billion Gamers worldwide and our club trains gamers. 

Our instructors are professionals in the gaming field and you'll have the best of the best teaching you.

In addition, you will be able to compete in tournaments for cash prizes and much more.  

They are the very first company doing what they are doing and in the way that they are doing it and already they are gaining big time sponsors and more.

Yes, those who come in and learn then do what they learn can go from zero dollars to wherever they want to.

Can it really be done? 

Of course. 

I know because I am living the changes as I write this to you.

This is the first company to do what they are doing Be Paid 2 Play Dot Com will take you to Star Prime Gaming and your life will never be the same if you have the vision and fight like a hero in the games that you play.

Now, is the time for you to become a real hero for yourself, your family and those that you love.

You never thought that video games could change lives, but friends you can believe me it will if only you take the steps needed to become that astounding person that you really are. 

We Believe In You.

I know you can do this so get to the link now before you end up dreaming about and wishing for a Powerball Jackpot instead of wishing

Get on the call, learn, go to the site, become a member and take the time to share, share, share your link, your life and your passion for video games.

Warning Be you heed my words or you ignore them I am on my path, my destiny to become a wealthy man who lives life to the fullest, travels has fun and more important than all of that combined is the fact that I will impact and help many lives in many ways.

I will mentor, inspire, and help those who need it and will teach those who will listen. 

We are going to be a massive company the likes of a Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks, Wal Mart or McDonald's.

Yes, you may doubt it, but if you will become a person of vision, do the work learn what must be learned then you Ma'am, you Sir, can really earn a living, playing,training and enjoying video games.

Now, have at it and get on that call.

Gaming is big and SPG is a way to have you start on a path that may change your life in glorious ways thanks to 

The Lord Thy God 

And being put in the right place at the right time.

Do not miss out on this.

Elite Gamers Who Want The Best Of The Best Because They're The Best!

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