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15 October 2016



It's time you claim your abundance now. 

As I write this some three weeks after the fact to this day.

Quest Diagnostics, has not found  Blood Tests that I had done.

Now, you may say why should you read on?

This could have happened to You and it shows how our very lives can be put at risk due to mistakes by humans, incompetence, malpractice and them incorrectly entering data, false data or no data being entered into the computer software systems and or not keeping the proper records.

Here is another frightening aspect of what happened at the Quest Diagnostics office they not only lost my Blood, but somehow they did not even enter my information into the computer for billing.

In affect I had my Blood Drained out of my arm, felt pain and had bruises for two weeks and all for nothing.

Ask yourself this where is Albert's Blood? 

Did they confuse my Blood with some other person's Blood and give them a false result as a result of having the wrong Blood and or mislabeled and what if I am very healthy, but the person who receives the false results based on my Blood not theirs then what?

What if they receive results that they and their doctor (s) believe are safe, normal, healthy, but they in fact are high and unsafe. 

You know that person or persons depending on how many tubes of my Blood have been mislabeled and for what tests.

What happens if others end up sick or worse.

One hopes that from here on out each of us will be that much more alert when having any tests, being in any doctors offices, labs, tests or hospitals. 

Lives have been lost many times and it can start with what seems small, indeed it can be a major danger.

They lost my Blood weeks ago now and it is 

October 15th 2016 6:48 pm Est time and even now I still have no idea where my Blood, is what happened to it or if anyone had false results due to them losing my Blood Tests.



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